In a world that has endured a year of hell, joy remains. Sometimes you have to squint real hard to find it, but it’s there.

-A sunny day.

-A Zoom meeting where everyone remembers to wear pants.

-The mailman signing to himself while he does his route.

Just look, you’ll see it. Don’t look on TV, though. You rarely find it on the news. Joy doesn’t translate to ratings. Neither does conveying boring objective data. Fear does. No ratings means no ad revenue..

Social media? Nope, not there, either. Joy doesn’t drive clicks. Anger and rage do.

Have you had enough?

Log off. Sign out. Get back into the world. It’s pretty nice out here.



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Kevin Alexander

Kevin Alexander


I write about music, current events, and airplanes. Join my Substack for great music and other exclusives: