Logan Silkwood and KP_the_writer (yo, that’s me) are on a mission to bring visibility to the trans man tag! We are writing the stories we wished we could have read when we needed them.

I’m guilty of ignoring the ‘Trans Man’ tag for further-reaching tags, but that just perpetuates the invisibility. No more.

Let’s review some tag stats:

“Trans man” — 125 stories from 58 writers

“Transmasculine” — 32 stories from 25 writers.

“Nonbinary” — 1.8k stories from 1.1k writers

“Testosterone” — 1.1k stories from 843 writers (more than…



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🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈(They/Them) LGBTQ2SIA+ WRITER (romance & para sci-fi/fantasy). Space nerd🚀 Neurodivergent🧠 On a journey of words and self-discovery. Come play!