My Vocal article on Covid is going viral. It’s about why the anti-vaxxers are wrong in their assumptions about the vaccines and also about the potential dangers of the Omicron variant.

Author’s image from Vocal

In less than 48 hours, I’ve got more than 350 reads, which is way higher than the reads that my top 3 top Vocal articles have gotten. The last huge spike in the above image is the number of reads for yesterday.

It looks like articles on Covid do well on Vocal. Now I have to watch the stats closely every day with the hope that this particular piece keeps getting more and more reads.

It has fetched $2.16 in two days with 360 reads.

So far, on Vocal, I have a total of 1155 reads and $7. And $50 for all the bonuses. Soon I will be getting another $50 for my 50th article.



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