People write a lot of stuff, let’s face it. For instance, somebody gets married and they write about it. Or they write about their sexual perversity. People like me usually don’t write — anything! I look at the world from the standpoint of being mute. Sure, I see things. I see girls’ tits, for example. They are right in front of my face. So…

I liked music, and writing comes later.

Really: I was into music; I was pretty much intending to focus on it, and like most of them I thought I was going places — going to be a star and all the rest. These are the famous last words, and there are words in music but I hardly gave a shit…




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Jack S

Jack S

I had an original idea. New and foundational: I replace private with public in Economics. Now, you get an ‘Economics’ not totally private. Huh? Read, you fool!

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