What if it was Canada instead of Ukraine?
What if Canada elected a pro-American government?
What if Russia engineered a coup to install a government friendlier to the Russian cause?

Then, what if the new pro-Russian Canadian government decided to leave the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and join the Eurasian Economic Union?
What if they announced they would exit NATO for a mutual defense pact with Russia and China, who would start arming Canada?

What if large pockets of pro-American Canadians along the border took up arms against Ottawa, igniting a civil war?

What would the U.S. do?
Declare that Russian aggression cannot be allowed to stand?
Mount a military operation to liberate Ottawa and restore democracy and liberty in the Great White North?

Statue of liberty with exploding bomb background
By Edward Thomas using Canva

It stands to reason that a country cannot allow another country to create a hostile state on its border.



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Edward Thomas

Chicago native, resident of Japan since 1969. Japanese>English translator, copywriter, editor. Teaches English at a Japanese University.