When I read Bev Hooper’s story, Why I Hate Online Dating, I laughed. Anyone who’s been on Twitter for a while will know we get weird DMs (direct messages) from other users, trying to chat us up, or con us into sending them money.

Well, some of the opening lines Bev has encountered with online dating reminded me of my early experience on Twitter. Terrible chat up lines and weird messages.

While men on Twitter might get proposals from scantily clad ladies, women often get strange messages and unwanted photos!

This became something of a blight to my enjoyment of Twitter until I worked out how to avoid…




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Susie Kearley

Susie Kearley

Freelance writer, author, animal lover. Qualified in nutrition, psychology, marketing, MBA. I cover writing, animals, history, travel, health, wellbeing & more.

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