Everything Shortform invites you to take part in the 6th round of the Short Words Sentence Contest. Our fifth-round winner, Yasmin McNeill, knocked our socks off with a superb sentence and picked the set number of words for our story sentence for the next round.

Let’s get psyched for play!

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Water Lake Ship Fresh from Pixabay

Provide us with your 5-word tale telling the story of the picture above.

Challenge rules: 1) Comment, at least, on one sentence story (not your own) 2) The sentence with the most comments/claps wins, and the winner gets to pick the next round’s set word count (between 3–10 words). 3)…

Creatives are looking to make money for their art and often find their writing is stolen or overlooked and not truly appreciated. Medium is not the place. Most online writing platforms are not the place to find riches for your poetry and short stories. But there is hope! Publish to independent magazines and journals.

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Woman Girl Yoga by AkseniaPopova from Pixabay

Check out Apex Magazine to get your stories out there. Look at The Arkansas International for your stories and poetry. Have your stories broadcasted on Night Shift Radio: The Storyteller Series. Submit your fiction, poetry, essays, and book reviews to The Georgia Review.

And those are…

Dear Medium writers and aspiring writers at Everything Shortform, we are adhering to format rules you should educate yourself with to avoid having your submission for publication dismissed. These are the basic rules, and you should follow them to be published in Everything Shortform.

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Standards Neon Sign from dreamstime.com

No title or use of the Title placeholder. In fact, delete the Title placeholder.

  1. Write a real first sentence in sentence case. Please attempt to write a sentence in a paragraph instead of a stand-alone imitation of a title.
  2. Bold the first sentence.
  3. Write 150-words or less total. These words also include the words under your…

Medium people, be advised since there’s no obvious method to join us here at Everything Shortform, here’s the new update on everything you need to sign up fast, so don’t be alarmed when we grow this pub faster than sup Drake sells albums.

Reply to this story with ‘Make me a writer!”

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Team Teamwork Together from Pixabay

No complications, no worries, no abstract ideas, or annoying questions of your writing intentions. If you want to write Shortform, this is your destination!

You may be thinking, ‘What’s the catch? What’s in it for him?” And I’ll tell you. It’s really all about me. I want to…

Poem: A haiku for spring so soon upon us. Time for rejuvenation and flourish—time for love and fresh spirits to blossom.

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Animals Birds Trees from Pixabay

Forward Flight

Birds begin return
Filling mouths full need spurs growth
Cycles joined persist

New spirit awaits in circles we create. Unknowns begin to fade in the harsh parade, and we grasp hopes again. Isn’t ours to put away but to live and strive.

Glimpses through hazy shadows of yesterday's sobs will be replaced with clear gazes steadfast through these dangerous days.

And a shout rises under our pulse. Calling wild for revolt. Rampage against walls holding us down…

From behind the curtain of his drunken rage, I saw his broken and damaged heart. The taste of Imperial whiskey burned on his tongue as he lashed it like a whip cutting deep. His words short on praise and long on criticism. I longed for his love and approval.

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Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

On rare occasions, his innocent little boy would come out for a glimpse. Too late, the damage done. My soul traumatized; I have struggled for wholeness my whole life.

He died in 2004. My dad is long deceased, dust. Yet, I still seek his approval, even if it comes from elsewhere…

How long does it take to discover something? Not very long, usually. How about getting good at — or really into — it? What about mastering whatever this new find…

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