Dear Everything Shortform writers: please take note.

There are no secrets about formatting requirements at our publication. It baffles me why new writers here do not take the time to read our ABOUT page or pay attention to the way stories are presented before submitting stories.

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You have the freedom to express yourself on any subject here, but you must follow our simple formatting guidelines. I have expressed these guidelines repeatedly in private messages to you and short-form stories in our publication.

Please find more info in our subgroup Medium Tech in the bar at the top of our main…

Dear Medium writers and aspiring writers at Everything Shortform, we are adhering to format rules you should educate yourself with to avoid having your submission for publication dismissed. These are the basic rules, and you should follow them to be published in Everything Shortform.

Standards Neon Sign from

No title or use of the Title placeholder. In fact, delete the Title placeholder.

  1. Write a real first sentence in sentence case. Please attempt to write a sentence in a paragraph instead of a stand-alone imitation of a title.
  2. Bold the first sentence.
  3. Write 150-words or less total. These words also include the words under your…

Medium people, be advised since there’s no obvious method to join us here at Everything Shortform, here’s the new update on everything you need to sign up fast, so don’t be alarmed when we grow this pub faster than sup Drake sells albums.

Reply to this story with ‘Make me a writer!”

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No complications, no worries, no abstract ideas, or annoying questions of your writing intentions. If you want to write Shortform, this is your destination!

You may be thinking, ‘What’s the catch? What’s in it for him?” And I’ll tell you. It’s really all about me. I want to…

As writers, we leave ourselves open to all sorts of whacky responses, do we not?

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I’ve certainly gotten my share and so have you. But, see if you can top this.

Every now and then, Pensignal shares one of my stories on Twitter. Admittedly, I don’t know much about the platform other than it auto-tweets our stories if we sign-on. It was free when I first joined Medium nearly three years ago, but I don’t think that’s the case now.

Anyway, Signal still auto-shares the stories that I initially “scheduled,” which I’m grateful for.

So, this morning, when I opened…

Not being able to read everything I read reviews.

The other day I came across Claire Messud’s review of Lucy Jones’ LOSING EDEN (Pantheon, $27). I’ll share a juicy passage…

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