I’ve been invited to a Robot Sex Party. Want to come?” Liam was dead serious.

“How do you mean ‘come’?”

“Don’t be creepy. It’ll be fun.”

It kind of was. A friend of his managed to get some early gen Xenobots and was inviting friends round for drinks and voyeurism. When he dropped the stem cells in there, they were slow starters, but once things got going — wow!

“Look at those little pacmen go! This is weird AF. Feels like they’re missing the fun part of reproducing, y’know?”

Liam laughed back at me. “Hey, if it floats their boat, right?”

The robots were still doing their replication circles an hour later, but the drinks were all drunk, so we headed out to the club. A few more drinks, throw some moves on the floor, and I went home with Sue. We’re still together today, with two kids now. Crazy!

The first part of becoming productive is to have a plan and the best plans are ones that are achievable and realistic.

Image source Unsplash

First, put together a schedule that sets out a number of goals, and then under each goal break it down into manageable tasks. Be realistic but at the same time be thorough and identify what needs to be done. Include your priorities and rank the tasks by importance and if possible the time required to accomplish each of them.

-An excerpt from “Clutter free: small life changes to easily organize your home and reduce stress” by Lynn Hall.

All around Europe right now Leaders and citizens are worried and angry that America has “abandoned” them by leaving Afghanistan and effectively cheating France out of a “done-deal” contract over submarines.

Thanks, Joe.

Does any of this have substance? Yes! In case you didn’t notice, we have left Afghanistan. And we did cheat France out of a $66 BILLION deal they had made to supply Australia with submarines. Ouch. In a fit of pique, they even withdrew their ambassador from Washington as a result! En garde!

Crucially, they are most concerned about Afghanistan, as should we be. Not that they’re worried about the Afghans. As if anyone ever was. They are worried about the opium. As we speak, the Afghan farmers are preparing to reap the new crops of opium the Taliban allowed them to sow as soon as they took over.

Thanks, Taliban. Thanks, Joe. Thanks, Orange Creep.

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