Dear Everything Shortform writers: please take note.

There are no secrets about formatting requirements at our publication. It baffles me why new writers here do not take the time to read our ABOUT page or pay attention to the way stories are presented before submitting stories.

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You have the freedom to express yourself on any subject here, but you must follow our simple formatting guidelines. I have expressed these guidelines repeatedly in private messages to you and short-form stories in our publication.

Please find more info in our subgroup Medium Tech in the bar at the top of our main…

Dear Medium writers and aspiring writers at Everything Shortform, we are adhering to format rules you should educate yourself with to avoid having your submission for publication dismissed. These are the basic rules, and you should follow them to be published in Everything Shortform.

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No title or use of the Title placeholder. In fact, delete the Title placeholder.

  1. Write a real first sentence in sentence case. Please attempt to write a sentence in a paragraph instead of a stand-alone imitation of a title.
  2. Bold the first sentence.
  3. Write 150-words or less total. These words also include the words under your…

Medium people, be advised since there’s no obvious method to join us here at Everything Shortform, here’s the new update on everything you need to sign up fast, so don’t be alarmed when we grow this pub faster than sup Drake sells albums.

Reply to this story with ‘Make me a writer!”

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No complications, no worries, no abstract ideas, or annoying questions of your writing intentions. If you want to write Shortform, this is your destination!

You may be thinking, ‘What’s the catch? What’s in it for him?” And I’ll tell you. It’s really all about me. I want to…

I lied to my spouse today, and I’m glad I did.

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We are cleaning out our three-car garage so that we can park our second car in it. We accumulated twenty years of stuff in the garage. Things we didn’t need at the time, sentimental items, or items we would repair later. Sometimes the items to be repaired have already been replaced when we stored the broken one.

One of our items is my husband’s sewing machine. When I was a corporate executive, my spouse would sew copies of expensive women’s suits. He would tailor my store-bought suits. When he…

We have among us a talented and excitable new member who writes, mostly about film, Siarra Brielle Bazler.

While keeping up with her work, catching up with her incredibly deep backlog for such a newbie, I’ve been awaiting her promised analysis of Pixar’s Up. It was a melancholic doozy.

Like the film itself, her piece made me think all over again about life. I didn’t know at nine years old why I wanted “out.” I just did. I wasn’t the bravest or smartest or most athletic. But I learned early to chase after what I wanted and let nothing get in my way. Not failure, not heartbreak, not loss.

It’s good to have support. It’s probably better to get messages from the world that you aren’t alone and that others, strangers, know exactly the way you feel and share those feelings. And that you, too, can succeed in your dreams.

We’ve come far in reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness by openly talking about it. But the stigma will remain as long as we keep apologizing for the way mental health affects our lives. Remember this is just an illness like any other physical illness.

It’s okay if you want to stay in because you are too anxious or depressed to go out — you don’t have to be sorry or feel guilty about it. You don’t need to apologize or feel shameful for taking a mental health medication in front of someone.

Would you feel guilty if you have a broken leg and you can’t make it to go out? Or would you feel shame for taking paracetamol in front of someone?

Apologize for the actions which are brought by the mental illness like being rude, showing anger, frustration, etc but not for the illness itself.

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