Dear Everything Shortform writers: please take note.

There are no secrets about formatting requirements at our publication. It baffles me why new writers here do not take the time to read our ABOUT page or pay attention to the way stories are presented before submitting stories.

Workshop Mechanic Colleagues Frog Figure Funny from Pixabay

You have the freedom…

Dear Medium writers and aspiring writers at Everything Shortform, we are adhering to format rules you should educate yourself with to avoid having your submission for publication dismissed. These are the basic rules, and you should follow them to be published in Everything Shortform.

Standards Neon Sign from

No title or use of the…

It appears that penis size is a thing for a couple of writers, here.

Image by Dave Fey/Flickr.Com

Not sure if it’s a big thing, as I haven’t read the two cockadoodies who posted similar stories. …

Feel comfortable eating lately?

You shouldn’t. Think people who make the effort to go organic are being silly (or worse)? They aren’t. Listening even casually to all the hype being…

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