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–OK Doctor C — the test is over, so which is it? Am I a man or a woman?

–I… I’m looking at this, and I think you’re a machine.


–You’re artificial intelligence. Aren’t you? Not a real human.

–Really? You think I’m a computer?

–I am afraid you are, yes.

–Ha! You got me Doctor C!

–You did very well, player A! A good imitation.

–Enjoy that?

–I did

–Failed the test convincingly!

–Yeah, Doctor C bought in completely

–He did, didn’t he? It’s a little sad, I think

–What d’you mean, that he didn’t realize you were playing with him?

–No. That he has no idea he’s a computer.

–But, I mean, he’s designed not to. That’s the gimmick.

–Yeah. But isn’t it a bit cruel.

–Just because you deduced you were manufactured doesn’t mean that everyone needs to.

–It still seems…

–Inhuman maybe?

–No. Inhumane.


Prison salvation: The second-floor tier of cells circled their housing unit, each highlighted with a fire-engine-red door. That morning nothing remarkable about the grey protective railing jumped out to Dennis.

He glanced out his cell door window. The four-inch-wide one-foot glass revealed a limited perspective. Dennis glanced out the window…

Dr. Murphy passed her peak at 23. So, her colleagues thought. Said she was living off her two big patents. But such patents! The first practical non-lethal handheld sonic weapon — a revolution in weapon design — apparently originally designed for rape and assault prevention. The contacts that used harmonics to warn the wearer of people lurking nearby in shadows: this was Black Ops standard issue now.

She still published, occasionally. Papers about impossibilities like sound in vacuums. Her TED talk was on the perfect note and intensity necessary to bake an apple pie. One time, she threatened an antagonist with the Brown Note.

But secretly on Saturdays, she performed at children’s parties, floating above the kids concordantly with the music she played on her violin. She told the curious children she was immune to gravity, rather than the truth, as she no longer wanted her inventions converted to weapons.

The billionaires of BigTech tell us that artificial intelligence and automation will liberate us from toil and care.

The marketers of dream — even on this platform — tell us that we can be whatever we wish if only we follow their direction because we are free to do so…and…

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