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You have the freedom…

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No title or use of the…

Steven Bannon is going to jail soon if he doesn’t wise up.

So are a lot of other people if they don’t get the message. The Turd Reich himself? That may still be another matter.

And the rush to get this matter settled is on with the 2022 election cycle now in full swing, rats like Joe Rogan and twerps like Tucker Carlson working incessantly, spouting lies to the great unthinking in America.

What will happen if the GOP overtakes the Democrats in 2022, securing a majority in the House? Democracy will crumble into the dust. It will be as though those anarchists who attacked the Capitol on January 6th had murdered each and every one of the Capitol police force and then slaughtered every Democratic Congressperson on their predetermined hitlist.

Laughing the entire time. With Josh Hawley giving them fist pumps outside. And Mike Pence running away. As usual.

So, this photographer, Spencer Tunick, is doing something artists should be doing, I think, creating art that focuses upon the damage being done around the world due to the excesses of climate change.

I wish more people around here would focus that way when they created what they call “art.”

But my concern is more in the realm of… Well, how does he manage to find so many people, and such a diversity of people, who, naked, look so much better than I do?

Short, tall, fat, skinny. Makes no difference. They all look nice. A big difference compared to moi. Aesthetically pleasing, I guess. In a sense, doesn’t this kind of, I don’t know, negate the point? In one way it’s a “we’re all in this together” thing. Yet in another it’s a “but not you, ugly thing.”

Some of us don’t fit in, Spence? Poor Dead Sea!

Ladies, are you ready to slug it out?


You gotta love the masterminds behind the wildly popular K-Beauty products, which have revolutionized the way we women — and men, as well — care for our skin.

A while back I wrote about “glass skin.” This multi-step skincare routine is supposed…

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