The WHY of Being Afraid

You are SCARED because it is the OBVIOUS Thing to Do.

It is time to not be a sheep, but be your own shepherd.

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Did you ever wonder why do you even feel scared of a tiger or a crocodile?

Or why are you afraid of the dark?

Yes, there are some very basic reasons such as long-ass teeth, dead-scary faces, human-eating history, and so on.

At the same time, I have seen people who are not afraid of these things or creatures, moreover, they love these things. They love to hang out with lions, hyenas, cheetahs, and the ‘wild’ animals we wouldn’t dare go near to.

For example, Dean Schneider.

I have fallen in love with such ‘scary’ and ‘cruel’ animals since I have seen his profile on Instagram. Take a look at this yourself:

IG: @dean.schneider

Tell me, if this is not love, then what is?

I would highly recommend you to check his profile and follow him too if you don’t mind.

Like in horror movies, when they see anyone with a mask and a knife, their only response is to feel scared. This is because of what they have been learning from movies, news, magazines, and society that whenever they see a masked man, they must feel helpless and paralyze to inaction.

The same goes for when you see a beautiful girl. Most of us have learnt to be scared to approach a girl. That if you talk to her, she will humiliate you and you will have to die of embarrassment. Why do you think that? I think you know.

But, this is not the case.

Life is not binary. It is not either scared or brave. Life is a spectrum of emotions. You can never be on the extreme sides of those. You can never lose fear and you can never be a true braveheart.

You can never lose fear and you can never be a true braveheart.

I have talked to total strangers. Girls, to be specific. Beautiful, to be more specific. What I found was astonishing. Here is what I found: They don’t bite. Trust me.

They are as sweet as they are beautiful. If they are interested in a friendship, they will accept it. If they are not, they will reject your offer. I think they should have that freedom to do so.

If you have the right to ask a total stranger for a friendship hand, they have the right to let the ship sail right past them without anchoring you to their shore. You cannot force your friendship on anyone.

My point is this: You don’t have to be scared anymore.

Try and understand the obvious that we are failing to recognize. I understand that we all have a survival instinct embedded within us. It is in all living beings. It cannot be taught or removed. Even plants have it too.

Although, the survival instinct given to us by nature is natural and not man-made.

For example, a person living in the jungle for his entire life will not know what to do when a guy is pointing a gun at him. He might as well get shot in the curiosity of knowing what the shooter is holding in his hand.

Curiosity — another trick of nature.

Even if you place a dinosaur in a similar situation, it will not be any different.

Now, what if you put one of us so-called civilized men in front of a guy with a gun, that too, a fake gun? We will be scared and we will surrender to the shooter’s will (too many wills in a sentence).

The point here, again, is that we are scared because that is what we have been told to do.

We are scared because when we were bullied by a group of mentally under-developed adults, we let didn’t stand up to them. We were told not to fight back and ultimately they will leave us alone. I agree. But, what is left of you when they leave you alone? I will tell you what is left. You are left to be traumatized for the rest of your life. You never stand up for yourself, let alone to bullies. Congratulations, you are a pathetic loser now.

We are scared because of the wrong idea our society has been passing down the lineage. An idea is like a seed. It is so small but so deadly. It is not tangible but it can knock you down so hard, you will be dragged to your own death.

The people ask us to fear and live safely. ‘Keep your head down and no one will harm you.’

And, thus, we have some preconceived ideas and notions about things we don’t understand and yet believe.

You have been taught fear

And it is all that is happening around us that is teaching to be scared. From movies to advertisements, from neighbors to friends, from accidents to successes, and everything.

Take Chucky, for example. He is just a doll. But, when you look at him, there is something in his eyes that speaks death and murder. While you see death in his eyes, you know he sees fear and horror in yours.

It is as real a feeling as it can be. You ARE scared of a doll because you have been taught to. And, you will.

By the way, say Hi to Annabelle.


Why do you think there are soap and tonic for everything at your home?

Why do you think you are reading this article holding a phone you never wanted in the first place but you have it because you didn’t want to feel left out?

Why do you think you vote for the candidate who promises to eradicate terrorism but never vote for someone who promises bubble baths?

First, they sell you fear and then they sell you whatever they want to sell because you will buy it even if you have to sell yourself.

My Podcast: Everything Unorthodox

I have talked about this in my podcast as well. Please do give it a listen if you think I am onto something good here.

It is time,

to not be scared

to look for the obvious

to understand our emotions

to re-write our responses to the obvious

to be a conscious and mentally present person

to be a part of that group that understands themselves

to challenge the norms and fill in new pieces of better ideas

It is time to not be a sheep, but be your own shepherd.



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