RoboHero PRE-SEASON Event

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2 min readMay 17, 2024


Dive Into the Exciting RoboHero PRE-SEASON Event!

We’re thrilled to kick off the RoboHero PRE-SEASON, an exciting event that combines fun & gaming. Here’s what you need to know to get started and what you could win!

What’s in the Prize Pool?

Get ready for a massive prize pool that starts at over 2,000,000 $ROBO and GROWS EVERY WEEK! What can you win?

  • Stablecoins - USDT
  • RoboHeroes (special NFTs to enhance your game)
  • Weapons and Equipments
  • Energy Packs (to keep your RoboHeroes charged)
  • Whitelist spots for Lands collection 🔥
  • Much more!

How Our Game Ecosystem Works?

Every time someone buys a Lootbox from our marketplace (first-hand purchase), the $ROBO tokens are split:

  • 50% goes into a game treasury
  • The other 50% gets burned, making remaining $ROBO tokens more valuable.

🚀 Most of the game treasury part (80%) boosts the PRE-SEASON prize pool, making the prize bigger as more people play and buy.

Rules and Rankings

The PRE-SEASON has several parts designed to make the game fun and rewarding:

  • Cantina — Social Booster: Help more people find out about RoboHero, and we’ll grow the prize pool!
  • RoboHero Universe: Learn about our Web3 ecosystem by doing tasks like crafting robots, weapons and equipment, or setting up your game profile.
  • Special Missions: Achieve game goals with special tasks that will be announced soon.
  • Game ELO: Improve your robot’s statistics by playing strategically and winning games.

Your success in these activities will help you climb the Main Ranking, where the prizes get better as you reach higher levels. The top players will share a huge pot of $ROBO tokens, plus extra from lootbox sales.

Join the Fun! ⚔️

Excited? Click here to join the RoboHero PRE-SEASON and start playing

🔋 Social Booster:

🌐 RoboHero Universe:

⚡️ Special Missions:

This event is more than just a game. It’s a community coming together to have fun & win big. See you there!




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