Getting Our App Featured by Apple “twice” in one day

So I woke up this morning to find out my app Noted featured under “Apps We Love” for Productivity! 😱

Yup — no feature requests, cold emails to Apple or anything. It just happened.

Of course, this doesn’t literally mean we did nothing. Great results comes with hard work. Since launch, it’s been a steep learning curve for the whole team; ASO (App Store Optimisation), different marketing strategies and we developers working around the clock.

Not everything we did got us what we wanted though. Months of hustling had little end result but our dedication pushed us through — in fact we were just on the verge of submitting our app to be featured.

Just as we were preparing for the submission… this happened!

If you’re wondering how I manage to notice that, it’s a lot by chance and of course, consistent “browsing” 😉 Even though the app was hand-picked by Apple, you don’t actually get notified.. so it could happen at any time.

The team had a pretty hyped morning 😄 taking hundreds of screenshots for proof and shouting it out to our followers on social accounts. Let’s be honest, being featured is quite exciting right?

So what next?

While you spend the rest of the day watching numbers spike up — it certainly gives you a boost in confidence that your product is on the right track.

Once you’re under Apple’s radar, there’s a chance you’ll get noticed again.. but on the same day?

Yup — Noted was featured under “New Apps We Love” ❤️ on the front page!

Apps -> “New Apps We Love”

Just at around 1pm, my consistent “browsing” surprised the team again. We hit the front pages of the ‘App’ section and that’s a huge milestone 🤭

Is it that big of a deal?

Yes… but no.

Nobody would reject being noticed by Apple, it’s actually an honour 🏆 but the excitement also comes with reality.

How many of those hundreds of people actually use the app?

It’s too early for us to conclude anything based on 24hrs of analytics but I guess the principle remains the same…

It’s a two face coin really, only now there’s more people flipping it. That’s not to say it doesn’t help — here’s a little insight of our increase..

Fabric analytics — Active users

So what now?

The excitement remains and along with many questions..

“How long will Noted stay under “Apps We Love”?
“Will Noted be included in future stories related to note-taking?”
“How many people will become daily active users?”

The team is always dedicated to make Noted bigger and better and today has just been a rewarding experience for something we’ve worked on for over a year.

I hope this blog post gave you an insight on my experience on how we got featured. There’s little I can say over 24hrs but hoping to share more about what we’ve learnt in the next few days — stay tuned.

This is just the beginning…

Noted is available to download FREE on the Apple App Store or perhaps you can still find us on the front page 😉

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