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Letter sent on Jul 18, 2017

20% OFF (Expires at Midnight) Our Most Popular Indivisible Shirt to Celebrate the Success of #KILLTHEBILL

Yesterday, we got some great news about the Republicans’ effort to repeal Obamacare: two more senators declared their “no” votes and effectively killed the bill in it’s current form. But they’re not going to stop trying.

Today is a national coordinated day of action, and people all over the country are standing up against the Republican’s agenda of racism, corruption, and authoritarianism.

Stand in solidarity and take 20% off our most popular shirt today with code KILLTHEBILL (This code expires tonight at midnight).

Get 20% when you use the code KILLTHEBILL
Get 20% when you use the code KILLTHEBILL

Looking to do your part? One way to get involved is to read the Indivisible Guide, which is written by former congressional staffers and is loaded with best practices for making Congress listen. Or follow this publication, connect with us on Twitter, join us on Facebook, or find some resistance gear on Apparel for Action.

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