America will Keep Marching Forward

We Are Still Stronger Together

So I could not attend the March on Washington yesterday, these are the folks who decided to March for their Democracy, these marches should rather be called Freedom Rallies. These folks are out there doing what they need to do to ensure that Freedom continues on in this nation. What Mr. Trump has preached is the same, its about divisions in this country, he needs division because division is what ensured his win. He will not only need these divisions in four years but he needs them to govern. Hmm… the word Govern I think we need a definition before going any further on what that term means… Govern by definition is the following: Conduct the Policy, Actions and Affairs of a state, organization, or a people. This is the definition of govern, now one can argue that America is all three of those things. We are a state this much is obvious. We are an organization of states, and lastly we are a people. The reason I gave the definition of govern, is for Mr. Trump and his lot. His inaugural speech clearly shows that he still thinks he is running to be the President of this nation. Here is the thing in a way he kind of is still running considering that he needs to win over the Popular Vote.

What really is getting me through these dark days, and that’s what they are we are seeing dark days, are those who are marching. It’s the millions across this nation and their signs, which are absolutely inspiring. Not only that one of the chants at the freedom rally was the following “We Want a Leader not a Creepy Tweeter.” This is the truth at the end of the day the popular vote wants a leader and not a creepy tweeter. One of the best signs read the following “You’re not our king. You’re not our dictator, you’re our intern at best.” This is one of the best signs that I saw from the freedom march.

A word on why I insist on using the term Freedom March, yes mainly women organized the march. And no I do not mean to underscore their actions nor their organizing. I prefer the term Freedom March because Mr. Trump clearly does not feel that these women and men who attended the march were doing so because of their First Amendment Rights.

I’ll end on this We who believe in Freedom cannot Rest.

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