Don’t Forget About Home: Millenial Diaspora and the Progressive Agenda

This is for everyone who left home and settled in a liberal place to live.

Nobody needs to read another critical examination of partisan demographic shifts in our country. Liberals go to cities or Blue states and it’s negatively impacting representation in State Legislatures and U.S. Congress. The end.

This shift isn’t a roadblock — it’s a problem to solve.

The Problem: Liberals of late don’t settle down in suburbs and they tend to gravitate towards the 3 Coasts (East, West, North (Chicago)) broadly, and more narrowly they gravitate towards the City. We left home because it was too conservative or small or regressive — and since we and many like us have left the regressive politics are only getting worse.

Some of us feel guilty: we were able to leave because we were privileged, we didn’t have as strong of family ties to the state, we could afford to go to College out-of-state and now we aren’t there to help our allies defend against the conservative ideological wave. Some of us feel bitter: we experienced discrimination, hate, violence and trauma while living in a place that didn’t accept us for who we are so we spit on our home state every chance get. Some of us feel indifferent: folks get to choose the life they want to live — our peers chose cultural tenets and beliefs that we can’t abide by so we left.

The Solution: Don’t Forget About Home.

Don’t Forget About Home is a concept and a framework for action. It asks that those of us who transplanted from a more conservative home to a more liberal one not forget about the people and places we’ve left behind.

How It Works: If you moved within your state to the big city from a smaller town look for a way to stay involved at home. Is there a women’s health clinic there facing opposition/funding cuts? See if you can donate directly. Is there that one coffee spot/bookstore/bar-venue where the fledgling progressive/leftwing folks hang out? Try to make a trip back to buy that cup of coffee or a t-shirt. Whatever you do: Don’t Forget About Home.

If you moved out-of-state and made the full-fledged move from Red to Blue State it’s the same concept but on a bigger scale. When you’re thinking of making a resistance donation make sure to ask yourself: who needs this most — my new home or my old home? Is the Missouri ACLU as well funded as New York’s? Is the Massachusetts Planned Parenthood struggling like the Planned Parenthood of the Great Plains? Is there at much at stake for LGBT and minorities in the Seattle/Los Angeles/Portland mayoral campaign as there is in the State Legislature battles in Alabama and Arkansas? Can you afford a subscription of the Boise Weekly newspaper alongside your subscription to the Chicago Sun-Times?

Don’t Forget About Home.

The resistance to this new Administration is a marathon and not a sprint. We cannot reclaim our country unless we engage Americans in all 50-States and support those on the ground engaging on the front lines. Adopt-A-State and Don’t Forget About Home can help us insure that the progressive message connects and represents more than just the Coasts and big cities.

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Looking to do your part? One way to get involved is to read the Indivisible Guide, which is written by former congressional staffers and is loaded with best practices for making Congress listen. Or follow this publication, connect with us on Twitter, and join us on Facebook.