Don’t Y’all Think Trump’s Tenure Will Be Good for the World In The Long Run?

Because I do.

Even though he’s proving to the world that he’s a fucking idiot, I believe that only good things will come of this fiasco.

Sure, he strains relationships all over the world. Sure, he may be a bad human being. And sure, he may not know what the hell he’s doing.

But how did someone with so little political experience become the President of the United States? How did he become a multi-billionaire? How is he as powerful as he is?

I’ll tell you how.

Because of the fucked up system the world has in place.

And we’re all part of it.

So why not shoulder the blame, start fixing this mess, and move forward in a productive manner?

Actions come with consequences. And now, the world is paying the consequences for getting this jackass elected.

But have no fear, nothing is permanent. Nothing is irreversible.

Just live, laugh, learn and move forward.

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