My Facebook political posts were never meant for you

All my facebook posts about what Trump was doing, about what Ryan was not doing, about the crazy (fake) things KAC Sean Spicer was saying, about the treasonous acts committed by this administration with Russia, about creating chaos and taking away civil liberties with the Muslim Ban (yes, my not so was and is a Muslim ban), about not speaking about acts of racism, about removing rights of a vulnerable youth populations (I am talking about transgender bathrooms for those of you who just tuned out), about taking away healthcare from MILLIONS of people (and, secret here, shh,,,,,don’t tell — Obamacare IS ACA), about creating fear mongering and xenophobia with the ultimate goal of justifying a nuclear build up or even a war. All those posts — all of them — none of them were ever meant for you. You. And you know who you are. You are 1) a outright, full fledged Trump supporter. Maybe because you think that in some alternative universe, you believe his rhetoric and that he can invoke change. Maybe you think we need to “shake things up.” Whatever your justification, you elected a man who said sexual assault was OK. Yes, you did. You voted for a man who mocked a disabled man. You voted for a man who cares only about how to fuel his ego so he said whatever he needed to say to get votes. So, he flip flops (its a wall, no its a fence, no its a a wall) and vacillates — but ultimately, he does what he needs to feed his narcissistic wound and that bloated ego. So, instead of working on creating unity, he holds a rally less a month into his presidency. He preaches about too much government spending on air force 1 and then spends millions of dollars flying off to Flordia 3 weekends in a row to golf. TO GOLF. He says nothing illegal happened with Russia but he fired/forced to resign Flynn. But, nothing happened — and you bow your head and say “OK”. He is a traitor to his own country. So you, you supporter of Trump. You and I — we live in different worlds. There is no building a bridge. There is no convincing you and I don’t care to. I think you represent all that was wrong with America 40–100 years ago and you are bringing it back. So, my not so friend, my posts were never meant for you. Because you and I — we are, in our hearts and souls, such different people. I want America to continue to be great through diversity and acceptance and science and technology. You want America to ‘be great again’ by taking away innate civil rights, holding on to your automatic weapons, and becoming a “Christian” nation. My posts were never, ever meant for you. 2) You. You who say that you are not a “Trump supporter’ but man ‘did you hate Obama and that Hiliary”. So, you nod somewhat politely about the failures of Trump to date. You get bored with the discussion and you do not really care. After all, you are white and male. OR, you are a white christian woman (that one… i can’t even understand) and you are more worried about your tax bracket then you are equal rights. BECAUSE, in your heart of hearts — -none of this effects you. But, it does. But, my posts, my comments, my arguments — they will not convince you. Because until you need contraception and can’t afford it (and then come to me asking to “help you out”), until your lose your job and there is no ACA (and then you come to me asking to get you some antibiotics), until your daughter or sister cannot get access to reproductive options (and then you come to me and quietly, discreetly ask me to help you out)……NONE OF THIS concerns YOU. SO, my posts were never meant for you. They were never meant for you.. But, YOU — maybe you should read them. 3) YOU. the one who did not vote for Trump. You-who don’t really agree with a lot of what is happening. But, you remain silent. Because, do marches really mean anything? You-who believe that we have had other ‘not great presidents and its been ok”. You who think speaking up and standing up, well, it is all just ‘a bit much’. So, you — my posts were never for you. Because you want to stay in your bubble and believe it will all be fine. And, if we don’t succeed and its not, you will have to live that you did nothing (and occasionally agreeing or commenting on a posts — sorry my not so snowflake — that doesn’t count). And if we (and by we, I mean WE THE RESISTANCE) succeed, you will not thank us. So, you disappoint me greatly but ultimately my posts were never meant for you.

So, you must be asking, why the fuck do you need to fill up my feed with all your political rants. Who were they for? All those posts — all of them — — were meant for those like me. Yes, for those millions of others who will not be quiet, who believe in a true democracy, who are afraid not necessarily for their own rights but for the rights of ALL AMERICANS (yes, it is NOT just about one snowflake) — those posts are for them. Because of all of you, we needed (I needed) to know that we are not alone. And, damn did we come together. All of us snowflakes, over 4 million of us created a snowstorm back in January (and yes, our snowstorm was much more bigly than the one the day before). But, what you do not know and maybe you prefer to be in the dark, is that it didn’t stop there. We will not let it stop there. Maybe the posts have slowed down because we know each other is out there now. See, it was never, ever about you. It was about us. So, now we take action. We have organized. We meet. We rally. We protest. We donate. We support-locally and nationally. While you accept authoritarianism and bigotry, we fight it. While you wait for tax reform, we stand up for Muslim, Jews and LGBTQI — because THEY ARE AMERICANS. While you sit comfortably waiting for repeal of ACA, we fight to protect those 20 million (how many of you have a pre-existing disease?) so they can have basic healthcare. So, you may not see as many facebook posts because we found each other. Those posts will not be replaced by ‘fun posts”. We will not make facebook “fun again” because we are too fucking busy not letting this country become a white christian nation under authoritarian rule. No, I am not exaggerating. But, again, I was never talking to you. We know you and We now know that there is an ‘us’. And, damn do I love us. It is the “US” that i was always talking to and posting for. Be very clear and hear us.

We are empowered. We will not be silent. We will rise up. We will fight. We will stand up. And, we will persevere. You can post your ‘are you a snowflake’ questionnaire. You can post about fake news. You can post that the theory that we are paid protesters. Because, I do not care. I am ONE FUCKING PISSED OFF SNOWFLAKE. And, there are MILLIONS like me. MILLIONS. And, we intend to cause a fucking blizzard.

Looking to do your part? One way to get involved is to read the Indivisible Guide, which is written by former congressional staffers and is loaded with best practices for making Congress listen. Or follow this publication, connect with us on Twitter, join us on Facebook, or check out our shop on Threadless.

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