Oh For The Good Old Days of George W. Bush

Seeing W defending the critically necessity of having a free mainstream press reminds us of what could have had been had Bush chosen the smart, thoughtful James Baker for VP rather than the warmongering Dick Cheney.

Bush wasn’t the smartest pencil in the box, but unlike our current nightmare of a president, a vindictive, sadistic, pathological lying son of a bitch, Bush had a kind and reasonable heart.

Being, however, somewhat of a novice to high office, but still light-years more experienced than Trump, Bush felt a need to be backed up by a seasoned veteran. Unfortunately for him Dick Cheney had his own nefarious agenda that lead Bush far astray. But at least by his second term Bush realized his mistake with Cheney and turn to Condoleezza Rice as his chief advisor. Of course by that time the door to Middle Eastern chaos had been flung wide open.

Still, by standing up to our current misfit president, perhaps George may have a second chance to save our democratic union. As he says, an unfettered press is the cornerstone to a free democracy. In deed, any leader who would utter such treasonous words that the press is “the enemy of the people” is himself the greatest danger to the people. There has never been a ruthless, modern dictator who did not make it his first priority to strangler an independent press, for the simple reason that these heads of state vipers have much to hide — tax returns, Russian collusion, etc.

So now that you have become a much wiser man, President Bush, we freedom loving people welcome you to the ranks of the hopeful and the sane to help us save our special nation from the ravages of the world’s most dangerous con — President Bannon.

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