Only one week ago

The masses turned out and screamed “no” to the twit in chief. Maybe it was a good thing. Some Democrats in Congress seem to be slowly coming out of their “alt-reality” that nothing has changed. Seems almost no one noticed that somewhere “over there” a soldier and a girl died. Shock and awe has a whole new meaning. Light the brush fires all over and maybe no one will notice our house is burning down. I mean, burning to the ground! Send the masked men to CA. Send the troops to “over there”. Let Congress dismantle all the rules protecting the people. Let the state legislatures overturn women’s rights. Make a stump speech at a prayer breakfast to reassure those who put him there that Jesus is winning. Then head to the sunshine state to collect money from the 1% and assure them that they are winning.

I considered heading over to the pawn shop in my best “little old lady” look (cane and all) and asking how many of those guns I could buy at one time. Then I would ask if they knew of any local place that gave assault weapon training. Do you sell ammo to go with those? Can you show me how heavy and how to hold one?

Yes, mama said that the devil gets in me sometimes.

This devil is going to RESIST.

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