Shut it down: General strike on February 17

First they came for the Muslims, and we said NOT TODAY, CHEETOLINI.

Declaring a minority the enemy, calling for militarized unity, and fusing corporate and government power is FASCISM.

On February 17, we take a big step toward shutting down American fascism.

No work.

No purchases.

No services.

No business as usual.

No pretending this isn’t happening.

Fascism is happening in the United States of America.

That is not okay. GET THE DAY OFF.

This is from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Looking to do your part? One way to get involved is to read the Indivisible Guide, which is written by former congressional staffers and is loaded with best practices for making Congress listen. Or follow this publication, connect with us on Twitter, and join us on Facebook.

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