A Time to Hit, A Time to Think

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, Boston and Phoenix and three days before San Francisco and Berkeley, NOW is the time to think.

While thinking, consider the following:

1. Violence is used to create an “alt-left terrorist myth.”

2. Violence is free PR for alt-right and Trump.

3. Violence distracts from the investigation into the collusion with the Russians and potential impeachment.

4. Violence alienates many opposition groups and divides forces.

5. There will be provocateurs and provocations wanting you to get violent.


First, the term “alt-left” is coined.

Next, the term is defined by visceral, shocking images, words and historical and cultural references that trigger an emotional response, usually fear or anger. (terror — terror.)

Images and messages created and shared during the last week, since the events in Charlottesville. From Google search engine.


As just reported by BBC News, “far-right activists are using fake Twitter accounts and images of battered women to smear anti-fascist groups in the US, an online investigation has revealed.

The online campaign is using fake Antifa (an umbrella term for anti-fascist protestors) Twitter accounts to claim anti-fascists promote physically abusing women who support US President Donald Trump or white supremacy.

Researcher Eliot Higgins of website Bellingcat found evidence that the campaign is being orchestrated on internet messageboard 4Chan by far-right sympathizers.”

Update: This article got retweeted by these very people described above as they did not read the content but just responded to the tag #punchanazi.

(Just joined in August and only has the above memos.)

Next, the concept is repeated by the media and social media.

Thus, the threatening image of opposition is created. Russian political technologists and Trump ideologists spread the message. Russian bots multiply the message on Twitter, FB, etc.

RT (Russia Today) helps to create this narrative. See more here.

The opposition is now identified as a “terrorist group.” The myth is created and the collective mind has been altered. The fear is then used to justify suppression, a potential military coup and surveillance.


The scandal gives Neo-Nazis a national platform and much exposure.

The victim status emotionally justifies the alt-right’s claims of discrimination and normalizes their open existence, establishing the group as a legitimate part of a diverse society.

The discourse about the “freedom of speech” shadows the ultimate agenda of the alt-right: a genocide agenda.

Discussions of nuances (terminology: Nazis/Neo-Nazis/alt-right/white supremacists, etc) lead away from the essence: the incitement of mass murder of human beings.


Scandal, outrage at Neo-Nazis, and provocative tweets create a distraction.

Terror threats domestically and abroad promote an atmosphere of panic and shift longterm processes out of collective mind. Nuclear war, natural disasters and paranoia at home are all part of catastrophic mentality.


Physical attacks on the alt-right are used to demonize all opposition.

Dividing the opposition leads to weakness, and, eventually, defeat.


Trump government thrives on violence and needs it to stay in power. Its agents provoke the resistance by triggering collective emotional trauma (racism, Civil War, slavery, anti-Semitism, Holocaust, sexism, homophobia, etc) and by using provocateurs motivated by public attention or career opportunities.

At all three clashes in Berkeley* we saw the same provocateur, “Eddy Brock.”

Left: April 27. Center: March 4. Right: Feb 1. Posting photos so attendees can identify him this weekend.

There are bigger trolls than this amateur. Below is a hair-raising article from RT (Russia Today). Note the tone. This is the official news channel of the country that lost over 20,000,000 fighting fascists — mocking anti-fascist protesters.


August 27 Berkeley rally is called “Say No to Marxism.” It is a provocation.

Left: FB page. Right: Amber Cummings at “Free Speech Rally” in Berkeley, April 27, 2017.

“The UC Berkeley/City of Berkeley name and reputation will be used to score headlines and national attention,” wrote ASUC Senator-elect Juniperangelica Cordova in an email to The Daily Californian.

Most of the attendants have zero knowledge on the concept or history of Karl Marx’s theories they are about to protest. Below is a laughable sample.

Antifa carries the flags of the Soviet Union at the protests, causing confusion. I interviewed a young man of about 18 y.o. carrying a USSR flag in Berkeley. He knew nothing about the connection between Marxism and the terror of Stalinism, the victims of the Great Purges, or history of the USSR and carried the flag because the “Russians fought fascism.” He was not affiliated with the Communist Party.

These flags and psychologically traumatic symbolism are a gift for the alt-right press and their Russian ideologists.

The Russian mass media and the Russian-language US press “flip” the concepts and create a mind-bending narrative using mental acrobatics familiar to the immigrants from the Soviet Union and Putin’s Russia. These strategies are used by political technologists in mind war.

If you want to see how it’s done, bear with me. Warning: Reading is toxic.

1. “Left” are socialists. The fascists are national-socialists. → “left”=fascists.

→ Fascists=“left” (*called “right” due to ignorance)

=>Fascists and “left” are one and the same thing.

2. Antifa, Black Lives Matter and anti-Trump resistance, “alt-left”, are fascists.

→Trump supporters fight “alt-left” (fascists).


Antifa=Communists. Communists=Stalinists. Stalin=killer. →Communists=killers.

+Alt-left=Antifa. →Alt-left=killers. →Opposition=killers.

→Trump supporters fight “alt-left” (killers.)

The resistance is demonized by the association with the monstrous figure of Stalin AND equaled to the very social evil they are resisting — fascism and Hitler. The resistance is turned into fascists, killers, terrorists and thugs. The concepts are reversed. The Neo-Nazis are “fine people” fighting “bad guys”.


In 2017, we reported from *three clashes between Neo-Nazi (aka “alt-right”) and allied resistance forces in Berkeley.

February 1. A protest against pro-Trump provocateur. First time most people heard of Antifa. Mass media distorted the actual violence and damage done.

Read the full report and see the photos of action and damage done here.

March 4. The Spirit of America rally, held in at least 28 states. Smoke bombs were thrown; there were fights and injuries.

A Trump-supporter. Right: A policeman helping an Antifa member. Read the full report here.

April 27. About 150–200 Trump supporters/alt-right armed with baseball bats arrived by buses for a Free Speech Rally. Antifa did not attend. There was no violence, just harsh confrontation.

Read the full report here.


HOW “ALT-RIGHT” TROLLED AMERICA: “Alt-right” campaign to cover up their Nazi, white supremacist and racist views to win “normies” (your) hearts.

BERKELEY BATTLE: POST-TRUTH A detailed account of SF and Berkeley events, 12 eyewitness stories, interviews with antifa and “alt-right”, photos and videos.

WHO IS TROLLING BAY AREA? A practical guide to “alt-right” behind SF/Berkeley rallies

KNOW YOUR NAZIS: A guide to Charlottesville’s organizers and their ties with the Russian ideologists.

  • All facts and photos are in public domain and available through Google. Links to the original sources are included.

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