Trump: 100-Days of Narcissism, Lies, Misdirection, and Corporate Greed

Donald J. Trump: A narcissist candidate & a narcissist president

It is natural for people to want to be loved. Unnatural (and dangerous) for those who demand it, while showing so little empathy for others.

One artificial “benchmark” for new, incoming presidents has been their first 100-days in office, and an objective analysis of what they have accomplished in that erstwhile “honeymoon period” with the American Electorate. It is said that that benchmark first began with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who came into office in March of 1933, during the depths of the Great Depression that began with the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

Trump Outlines His First 100-Days (October, 2016 Campaign Event, Gettysburg Address)


Donald J. Trump, our 45th-president, was already saddled with nagging questions and legitimate concerns — about both his personal honesty and his total lack of governmental experience, having never held elective office to anything. Added to that, was his being elected under a ominous foreign cloud of Russian cyberspying and interference (to his benefit) in our election, and his winning a narrow electoral victory while losing the popular vote by nearly 3-million to the top vote-getter (7-million overall). Thus, any newly elected president with such baggage would face a rather daunting challenge — to change public perceptions; achieve meaningful legislative success; and unite a badly divided nation.

Donald Trump, however, met that challenge not with sober talk and sound policies to fulfill campaign promises, but by merely doubling-down on his divisive rhetoric, spreading even more delusional theories and conspiracy nonsense— from lying about his inaugural crowd size; to massive unproven voter fraud (he claimed denied him the popular vote win); to false claims of being wiretapped by the former president, who obviously still dominates a twisted (re)vengeful place in his brain. All while denouncing all who dared criticize his brazen appointments of swamp-dwelling billionaire Goldman Sachs Plutocrats; questioned the science (or math) of his favored, yet ill-conceived socioeconomic policies; or panned his initial frantic ‘photo op’ executive actions.

His lack of traditional presidential focus was devoid of clarity, relative to the GOP’s 7-year ‘crusade’ to “Repeal & Replace” Obamacare, and is a case in point. In short, it was a total (still ongoing) legislative fiasco; one which threatens to provide less healthcare coverage, and constitutes a wholesale Trumpian “bait & switch” reversal from his promise to provide Americans with “something really terrific,”…and at much lower costs! It has turned out (thus far) not the victorious signing ceremony, claimed as being “very easy” — right up until the moment it proved not so easy — to being just another illusion dangled before his Flying Monkey Army of idolaters. According to Trump: “Nobody knew it could be so complicated,”…except, of course, for everyone else who actually did!

His lack of intellectual curiosity and basic honesty, can also be seen in the one-page budget “framework” presented in typical photo op fashion by Administration surrogates last week. One which promotes ‘the largest tax cuts in history’ — a boondoggle gift overwhelmingly to benefit corporations and the mega-rich, while adding trillions of dollars to the National Debt,…all paid for by the illusive promise of stimulating GDP growth. We’ve seen this picture before, and it certainly didn’t redound to the average American, in terms of real jobs or real wages.

Meanwhile, instead of uniting America with something even most Democrats could rally around; e.g., repairing, rebuilding, and improving America’s crumbling infrastructure (stimulating jobs and economic growth in the process); Trump foolishly wasted his already shaky political capital with his silly initial insistence (later softened) on building his “yuge, beautiful wall” all along our southern border with Mexico. Instead of reaching out to his many opponents; he mocked them relentlessly — from the ranking Democrat, Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), whom he denigrated as “a clown,” to the media which he labeled as “FAKE news” whenever they disagreed with him, or pointed out his many failings, his outright lies, or his own personal excesses and conflicts.

He even attacked a co-equal Judicial Branch, and questioned the very legitimacy of federal judges ruling against him. Much of his angriest attack rhetoric was delivered via his now-legendary tweets; poorly constructed and poorly researched. He questioned and denigrated every major and minor critique by pundits; scientists; savvy economists; and even those within his own party, loosing their patience (if not yet their fealty) with Trump’s deranged early morning Tweets, and bizarre pressers — both formal and on-the-fly, in photo op ‘signing ceremonies’ cynically designed to give the public an impression of substantive and substantial “presidential action.”

For their part, the congressional leadership of the Republican Party has cravenly chosen to “look the other way” with respect to glaring (and glaringly criminal) “conflicts of interest” involving Trump Family enterprises; excusing the blatant nepotism; and even ignoring (thus far) likely collusion by Team Trump — with a twinge of high treason, if ultimately found to have been in league with Putin’s Russia, America’s chief geopolitical adversary since the end of World War II.

In reality, their interest is not in promoting such a callous, distasteful reprobate as one Donald J. Trump, whom most vehemently opposed during their party’s primaries. No,…their interest is in seeing just how much of their draconian socioeconomic agenda, i.e., that favoring corporations and the mega-wealthy they can get enacted,…either before evidence for impeachment becomes incontrovertible, or before the broader electorate finally wises up to his dramatic incompetence and votes — in numbers — to remove him (and them) from office.

So now, on the cusp of his 100th Day, Mr. Trump has finally acknowledged something everyone else already knew: being president is hard. Mr. Trump may also soon realize that he totally squandered his first 100-days with hyper-partisan gibberish; constant ego-stroking; foolhardy lies and misdirection. At this rate, he may not have much of a chance to save his entire presidency, now mired in the worst public opinion polls (for a new president) in American history, and saddled with an ever-fawning nativist base that stands firm in their support— for now — but may soon grow impatient at the utter lack of meaningful results,…as well as the sheer number (and breadth) of blatant policy reversals, from those very positions taken (like the latest, NAFTA) that got him elected president in the first place.

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