Trumping Reality

When Trump was elected in January I was truly terrified of the prospect of a president who could take us back 50 or 60 years in both ideology and reality. I am still highly alarmed by his actions and his views of the world. It also made me thoroughly reflect on my own values. I could see a culture that I had grown accustomed to prying my true values away from me. Trump has become the walking example of what I definitely do not want to be.

If you’re going to make positive changes in the world you have to have solid foundations from which to work on. Trump seems to have none of these. Winning at all costs, dominating, showing off, severe selfishness; he is truly incapable of fairly reflecting on his actions. The common man respects him because at the bottom of the food chain patience, virtue and kindness can at times be hard to find. I know from my life it was rather rare. But that does not make him relatable. That makes him ignorant and self-centred. He has no intention of helping to raise his fellow American's standard of living, especially those at the bottom. I don’t even think he wants to help his colleagues around him succeed. He uses all the same bullying tactics on them. Just YouTube “trump handshakes”.

What he does want is to leave his mark, be “one of the people” whilst he does it and be successful with all his plans (as long as they are his) without even considering the best options. He’s about to hang Paul Ryan out to dry after the recent healthcare fiasco. He’s smart in manipulation, strong in domination and effective in charm. Ignorant in whole-heartedness, poor in cooperation and incapable of truth. His views are whimsical at best and at worst incoherent. A man who’s twitter thumb is stronger than his core. He’s a walking talking example of all the bad points of the culture we live in today. No friends, just enemies. No values, just fancies. No patience, just pleasure. Win win win, take, take, take …don’t help your fellow man.

Thankfully, the American System has been highly resilient (what I did not understand before the vote). Judges blocking racist bans (twice), the FBI continuing their work into his links with Russia, the House of Representatives forcing him to pull the vote against repealing and “replacing” Obamacare. Trumps art of the deal and bullying may work in business, but in the political sphere where values matter more than money (mostly), Trump struggles to inspire anyone but himself. If he continues this spiral of failures he may be out within 4 years.

Here’s to hoping. ✌️

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