Trump Re-visits the “War Zone”

Today he’s in Harrisburg, PA, with nothing to show after 100 days in office.

Donald Trump is coming to my home state for a Victory lap, here is the thing he won’t tell you, there is no victory. He may have been in office for 100 days; he has nothing to show for it. He ain’t got shit. The city he is in today is Harrisburg Pennsylvania the capital of Pennsylvania. So a brief history lesson for the Trump Russians folks who have forgotten this states history. William Penn was a Quaker who fled England because of religious persecution. The very persecution that Mr. Trump, now embraces against America’s Muslim Brothers and Sisters, and he also embraces this persecution against Jewish people. Penn was someone who made peace with the Native Americans in this state; he was not some leader who would want his name tarnished by a carnival barking immigrant-bashing buffoon.

Therefore this Pennsylvanian will attend a rally to show Mr. Trump that he is not welcome in this state, nor is he welcome of the title that the Office he was ‘elected’ to serve grants him.

And one last thing I thought my capital city was terrible as Mr. Trump once stated Harrisburg “looked like a warzone.” So, Mr. Trump, Harrisburg is a city where the government functions much like governments are supposed to function but you would not know that because you don’t know anything about the Government.

Hope to see ya out there,


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