Trump ‘Smokescreen’ - Desperate Attempt to Save His Damaged Presidency

The Heat is Getting Uncomfortable for a Fact-Challenged President Trump.

Will defaming President Obama deflect attention away from probes into Russian Cyber War & Trump collusion? A highly destructive gambit:

Various elected officials of the Republican Party, and political surrogates of Donald Trump are now scrambling, largely flailing and failing to ‘give cover’ to their insane President and his libelous charges against his predecessor, President Obama, specifically claiming — in no uncertain terms — that Obama, committed a felony by personally ordering the wiretapping of Trump (and his staff) during and after the 2016 presidential election.

Trump’s Saturday, early-morning ‘Tweet Storm’ was unambiguous in its charge, and ratcheted up the stakes for the congressional committees,…now asked (by Trump & Company) to investigate mere unsubstantiated nuisance charges — as a distraction away from the serious central issue: i.e., Russian cyber-spying and direct involvement in the Presidential Election; and any possible collusion by Team Trump, in that effort.

INTENTIONAL OBFUSCATION: Some Trump advocates — despite any reliable media accounts to back up the claims first made by hyper-partisan radio hack, Mark Levin, a Right Wing radio personality who frequently supports various conspiracy theories — are now insisting that President Trump ‘may have’ classified evidence,…accessible to the Chief Executive which somehow supports his claim. Evidence he has, thus far, failed to produce! They then go on to demand that these charges of ‘potential criminality’ by the former president be included in any current, larger investigations of the Russian hacking and interference with our democracy.

Meanwhile, there is both media incredulity, as well as outrage from the Democrats over this shameful attempt to defame a former president — designed to confuse and confound the real inquiries into the depth of any possible collusion by Team Trump with Putin’s Russian government operatives. Even some noted Republicans, like Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), have expressed their own, serious doubts about the veracity — only hinting at the real motives — of Trump’s delusional charges, offered up without a shred of credible evidence.

Radio Host, Mark Levin’s Claims Merely Detail an Ongoing “Investigation” — NOT That Obama Ordered Wiretaps.

There is clear evidence that the FBI (and other intelligence agencies) were concerned enough about the width and depth of Trump Campaign connections to various Russian operatives and international banks, to warrant investigation (and the FBI seeking “probable cause” FISA warrants).

No doubt that some of that information may have also been relayed to President Obama, as would be appropriate,…given the potential threat to National Security. But,…there is no evidence that President Obama personally ordered, or directed the course or conduct of these investigations, which is what has now been specifically charged by President Trump.

Indeed, the fact that there was “probable cause” for the issuance of a FISA warrant (in the first place),…and that the Obama Administration felt the need to leave an evidentiary “trail of breadcrumbs” for independent investigators to pursue — lest the Trump Administration destroy any potentially damning evidence — constitutes grave concerns that there is far more than just “smoke” in this matter. Specifically, there may be a coming firestorm of damning evidence. Evidence that may well bring down Trump’s already badly-damaged presidency, ending with his possible impeachment.

It appears to me, that Mr. Trump may-well-know that “the jig is up” relative to potentially fatal findings against him and/or his surrogates, about to be uncovered by the various congressional committees, or by a “Special Prosecutor” or Independent Commission,…as these investigations proceed and pick up steam.

Indeed, FBI Director, James Comey, has made the unprecedented demand that the Department of Justice, under which his agency operates, denounce the unsubstantiated claims by the sitting president. Given that Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has already “screwed the pooch” by lying to Congress, while under oath; it is doubtful that he will sell out his boss and contradict him for the record.

As I have written previously about the Sessions’ perjury issue being a diversion away from these larger issues of a Russian Cyberwar against our American democracy, and possible Trump collusion; this latest bit of obfuscation by Mr. Trump — himself — is not only a desperate attempt to save his skin, but now elevates the entire matter to one which sows further public distrust of our government itself. A cynical tactic that seems not to bother the demented Donald Trump one whit. Indeed, given that his chief advisor, Stephen Bannon, gleefully proclaims his primary goal as being the “deconstruction of the administrative state” — this is yet a further, sinister attempt to do just that.

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