Trump’s Call With Putin: Will He Complete His Biggest Deal Ever?

Tomorrow is The First Cliffhanger of the Reality Show Presidency

with former TV co-star and current White House staffer Omarosa (NBC News)

Americans, viewers around the globe:

Saturday we find out if there is proof of treason in the Trump administration. And in dramatic, made-for-television fashion, it hinges upon a single phone call.

First, some facts even the POTUS cannot deny —

  • A phone call is scheduled for tomorrow, between the two leaders of the U.S. and Russia.
  • Kellyanne Conway stated the removal of sanctions is “under consideration.”
  • One such sanctioned Russian was Igor Sechin in 2014: Freezing of assets, travel restriction, and a ban on “all business transactions between American citizens” and “Sechin and businesses he owns.”
  • Ten months ago, Trump named energy executive Carter Page a foreign policy adviser.

You: Yeah? So?

Next, add some context —

  • Carter Page is an oil consultant and a former Naval Intelligence officer. He left the Trump team a little over a month before the election, termed a “leave of absence.” Or, as even Russia Today describes the reporting then, for being “Trump’s man in Moscow.”
  • He is a Russian apologist who in 2015 made a bizarre comparison between our sanctions and . . . the relationship of a slave owner to a slave. [?!?] Russia being the slave. Page cited an 1850 publication on slaveholder advice.
  • The unverified intelligence report says Carter Page met with Igor Sechin to make a deal in July 2016.
  • Igor Sechin is considered second in power, after Putin. He was Deputy Prime Minister until 2012, when he became the head of Rosneft.
  • Rosneft, the Russian oil giant that will complete its $500 billion deal with Exxon if the sanctions are lifted, just had a top executive found dead in a Rosneft company car. We are talking about the potential business partners of Tillerson’s Exxon buddies, mind you. Sechin is head of this energy behemoth. Owned by the Russian government.

Not impressed? Sprinkle in a touch more, to connect alleged dots, tie it all together —

  • Two days ago, Reuters reported on the biggest oil and gas deal of 2016: a 19.5% stake in Rosneft was sold. Unfortunately, public records cannot positively identify who bought that stake. The mystery dead-ends with anonymous offshore accounts.
  • That deal was announced by Putin and Sechin, on December 7th. Any guess where Carter Page was about this time? Putting it together? Correct: Russia. A few days after the deal he spoke at a state-run Russian news agency.

The topic was:

Departing from hypocrisy: potential strategies in the era of global economic stagnation, security threats and fake news.

Oh, and the author notes Page gleefully told the Russians the next Secretary of State would be Rex Tillerson.

The Russian public was told who was picked for American Secretary of State before Trump told America.

Yes. They knew before we did.

Sechin (Wikipedia)

Still not a powder keg of villainous links? Okay —

Simply add the match: the infamous dossier that has been floating around Congress since last summer:

  • Page 30. According to Chris Steele, the president of Rosneft was so eager to lift sanctions, “he offered Page and his associates the brokerage of up to a 19 per cent stake in Rosneft . . . In return . . . were Trump elected US president, then sanctions on Russia would be lifted.”

Reuters is searching the globe for these investors of 19%? The leaked dossier says Page was offered a piece of this 19.5%? How could that be coincidence? I do not really think Trump had a sordid sex party in Russia; more to the point, I do not care. But how can these numbers align so perfectly? How much more proof of conspiracy can there possibly be??

Two final figures, for perspective:

  1. 19% of Rosneft is worth approximately $11 billion. Eleven billion US dollars. That is close to the estimates for the Mexican wall.
  2. The Exxon-Rosneft deal (if rescued by Trump, demonstrating complete alignment with the Kremlin and energy goals on both sides) is worth $500 billion.


So. The call tomorrow.

Ryan, McConnell, McCain, democrats — pretty much all of Congress — have implored Trump not to lift the sanctions for the sake of national security.
The first direct communication between these two governments may be telling.
Regardless of what is discussed, if Trump does summarily remove sanctions afterward . . . that is quid pro quo of a treasonous nature, all but confirmed.

What is really at stake, then? If he does remove sanctions?

It may take a little while to investigate, dissect, bring charges . . . but articles of impeachment and a House vote are certain to follow. Enter Article 3, Section 3. The only crime specified or outlined in the entire Constitution.


Sleep tight, everyone. Quite a show airs tomorrow.

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