Why I Marched

The President’s advisor seemed a little confused this morning about why women (and men) marched globally yesterday. I’d like to clear things up for her.

Before we began marching yesterday in Denver. With 200K of our closest friends.

Because women’s rights are human rights.

Because civil rights are human rights.

Because freedom of (and from) religion is a constitutional guarantee.

Because acting as a steward for our environment matters.

Because the arts matter.

Because humanities matter.

Because education matters.

Because facts matter.

Because equal health care for all (aka socialized medicine) is a basic human right.

Because misogyny is not acceptable behavior.

Because litmus tests for patriotism is not acceptable behavior.

Because I am a part of the not-so-silent majority.

Because I refused to live in a world or country where hatred and fearmongering try to divide us.

Because the extreme right wing of our country needs to understand they do not have a mandate.

Because one of my senators is a condescending partisan hack who routinely ignores the will of his constituents.

Because I’m seeing an administration and party attempting to undo 75 years of societal progress.

Because my mother raised me to be strong and not go quietly.

The following are not reasons why I marched.

To protest Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act.

To protest a healthy growing economy as seen under President Obama, after digging out from the worst recession in recent history.

To support an acceleration of the divide between the richest and poorest Americans, which will happen under the President and republican party’s economic policies.

To support walls, blacklists, camps or any of the other crazy ideas being floated to promote divisiveness and hatred.