John Carpenter — Christine

Breaking news! One of the sacred monsters of the horror genre, the once-renowned John Carpenter returns to filmmaking after ages in slumber by directing a music video! A music video of his own music actually, the Christine theme from his new album of old hits (?) Anthology: Movie Themes 1974–1998.

Like the self-titled movie, this video begins with Christine, a possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury roaming the streets in the dead of night, brightly reflecting the city lights on her blood red paint, until her headlights flash upon a lonely girl in a dark alley.

John Carpenter is paying homage to himself! The cinematography along with the re-recording of Christine’s classic theme creates a four minute long 80’s horror nostalgia. It almost feels like you’re watching a new Christine movie, or a new John Carpenter movie in general. The creepy old man hasn’t forgotten his art and you can’t help but thinking “Why the fuck can’t we have another Carpenter movie?”

Originally published at on September 14, 2017.