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Bootstrapping Evmos Mainnet Launch With Coinbase Cloud

We are excited to announce that Evmos is using Coinbase Cloud to provide the Evmos community with secure, reliable blockchain infrastructure in preparation for the Evmos mainnet launch.

The foundational team and platform of Coinbase Cloud is Bison Trails, a blockchain infrastructure platform as-a-service firm that was acquired by Coinbase in early 2021.

Coinbase Cloud will provide access to a high-volume RPC cluster through their Query and Transact read/write infrastructure, as well as running validator nodes on their blockchain infrastructure platform to help secure and scale Evmos ahead of mainnet launch. Coinbase Cloud’s node infrastructure and participation in the network expects to support network participants in the launch of the Evmos mainnet in late Febuary.

Empowering Evmos Developers with a Secure, Reliable, High-Throughput RPC Cluster

Coinbase Cloud will provide Evmos developers with a high-throughput and reliable RPC cluster capable of handling at least five million calls a day. Developers will have the ability to subscribe to events utilizing an Ethereum Websocket that is exposed on their RPC cluster, allowing them to seamlessly port over their existing dApp workflows onto Evmos. Developers will have access to this infrastructure soon after the Evmos mainnet launch to deploy their applications on the Evmos blockchain. Learn more about Coinbase Cloud’s Query & Transact read/write infrastructure.

Coinbase Cloud will run validator node infrastructure on Evmos. The Evmos contributors do not endorse any specific validators on the network and encourages token holders to do their own research when participating in staking through delegation.

About Evmos

Evmos is an application-agnostic chain that will be interoperable with the Ethereum mainnet, EVM-compatible environments, and other BFT chains via IBC, making it easy for users and developers to interact seamlessly between chains. Evmos aims to be the EVM Hub of Cosmos, making it easy for smart contracts to deploy and communicate within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Helpful Resources

💻 Developer Documentation: https://evmos.dev/

👾 Official Discord: https://discord.gg/trje9XuAmy

🐙 GitHub: https://github.com/tharsis/evmos

🕊 Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvmosOrg

📯 Telegram: @EvmosOrg

📄 Medium: https://evmos.blog/

🖥 Evmos Website: https://evmos.org

🌋 Tharsis Jobs Board: https://thars.is




Evmos is an application-agnostic chain that is interoperable with the Ethereum Mainnet, EVM-compatible environments, and other BFT chains via IBC — making it easy for users and developers to move value between chains.

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