Claiming your Evmos Rektdrop with Keplr

Importing your Evmos Rektdrop balance and recovering tokens

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Wen claim? Now it’s here. And yes, Ledger users can claim.

Evmos is live πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ and we published a guide on how to claim the Evmos Rektdrop here. This additional guide explains:

  • how to import your Rektdrop claim from Keplr to MetaMask
  • how to recover tokens that have been sent to an unsupported Evmos address

As a Cosmos Hub or Osmosis user, you might be eligible for claiming the Evmos Rektdrop using Keplr.

If you are claiming with Keplr, you will first have to import your Rektdrop claim to a valid Evmos account on MetaMask and perform the claiming actions with MetaMask. The import functionality will be enabled when IBC channels to Osmosis and Cosmos are reactivated.

If you are using Keplr with a Ledger hardware wallet, you can follow the same instructions as without Ledger. The only difference is that you need to have your Ledger connected with Keplr in order to sign cross-chain transactions and import your Rektdrop claim to MetaMask. Your destination wallet on MetaMask can be a Ledger wallet as well!

⬇️ Prerequisites: You can download MetaMask and Keplr by following the instructions in the official Evmos documentation. You can find the MetaMask and Keplr extensions on their respective Extension Store. Please note that Keplr is only available for Chrome-based browsers.


πŸ’‘ Who should follow this: You have an eligible address for the airdrop on Cosmos Hub or Osmosis.

1. Log in to Keplr with the browser extension and select your account.

Logging in to Keplr with the browser extension and selecting your account

2. On the Dashboard, click CONNECT WALLET and select Keplr.

Connecting Keplr wallet

3. Under MY SUMMARY, check if you are eligible to claim tokens from the Rektdrop. If you see an Invalid Evmos Account message and your Total Tokens Claimable amount is positive, you are eligible to claim your Rektdrop. Your Rektdrop claim is linked to your Cosmos Hub/Osmosis address and needs to be imported to a valid Evmos address on MetaMask in order to perform the claiming actions in the next step. If you see a notice with You are not eligible for the Rektdrop or your Total Tokens Claimable amounts to --, your connected account is unfortunately not eligible for the Rektdrop. In this case, you can go back to step 1 and try connecting a different account on Keplr to check its eligibility.

Checking Rektdrop eligibility with Keplr

4. To import your Rektdrop claim from Keplr to a valid Evmos address on MetaMask, make sure that you have the MetaMask extension installed, it is connected to the Evmos network, and you have selected the account to which you want to import your claims.

Selecting Metamask account to receive imported Rektrop claim

5. On the dashboard, click IMPORT, select the MetaMask icon (🦊), and then confirm by clicking the IMPORT button.

Importing Rektdrop claims from Keplr to MetaMask account

6. A Keplr popup will prompt you to sign off a cross-chain (IBC) transfer. Importing your claims to a valid Evmos address works by performing an interchain transfer from the Osmosis chain to an Evmos address, generated via MetaMask. Click APPROVE to confirm the cross-chain transfer. You should see a green Success banner confirming that you’ve imported your Rektdrop claim!

Confirming cross-chain transfer transaction
Successful transaction banner

7. After about 2 minutes your interchain transfer will be fully executed by the network and your Rektdrop claim will be imported to your MetaMask account. To confirm the import, disconnect your Keplr account by first clicking on the Keplr address in the top right corner, and then on DISCONNECT. Then connect the dashboard page to your MetaMask wallet with CONNECT WALLET and select MetaMask.

Disconnect Keplr and connect with MetaMask

8. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ You will see your Total Tokens Claimable amount is now linked to your MetaMask account and you already performed the cross-chain action by importing your account. Congrats! Continue with step 4 of the Evmos Rektdrop Claims Step-by-Step Guide for MetaMask.

Rektdrop claims are imported to Metamask account

What to do with Tokens on Invalid Evmos Accounts?

If you connected Keplr to earlier versions of our dashboard, Keplr might have created an unsupported Evmos address for you. Tokens that have been sent to this address cannot be used to interact with dApps or be sent to other accounts.

To check if your Evmos address on Keplr is not supported you can compare it with your Osmosis or Cosmos address on the same account:

  • If they start with different characters (e.g. evmos1rexcy05... and osmo1nsj4hz.../cosmos1nsj4hz... ), then your Evmos address has been generated with the correct key type and is supported on Evmos. You don’t need to recover these tokens. Evmos uses a key type that is compatible with Ethereum addresses in order to support EVM compatibility.
Supported Evmos address
  • If they start with the same characters (e.g. evmos1528qa7...and osmo1528qa7.../cosmos1528qa7...) they have been generated with the same (Cosmos) key type. Your Evmos address is not supported on Evmos and your tokens need to be recovered.
Unsupported Evmos address

To recover these tokens, follow the following steps using our dashboard:

1. Log in to Keplr with the browser extension and select the account that you want to recover tokens from.

Selecting an account to recover funds from

2. On the Dashboard, click CONNECT WALLET and select Keplr.

Connecting Keplr

3. If your account has Total Tokens Claimable amount left, make sure to import your Rektdrop claim to MetaMask first, by following the Keplr guide above.

Account with both Rektdrop claims and Locked Balance

4. Once you’ve moved your Rektdrop claim, you can recover your Evmos tokens and send them to your Osmosis address by performing a cross-chain transfer from Osmosis to Evmos. In the MY SUMMARY section, click RECOVER, select the Keplr icon (K) and confirm with RECOVER.

Account without Rektdrop claims and with Locked Balance
Signing a cross-chain transfer transaction to trigger recovery

5. A Keplr popup will prompt you to sign off the cross-chain transfer. Click APPROVE to confirm and you should see a green Success banner confirming that you’ve recovered your tokens and sent them to your Osmosis address. In the Keplr extension, select the OSMOSIS chain to see the Evmos balance that was recovered to your Osmosis address.

Selecting Osmosis account after successful recovery with zero Locked Balance

Congrats! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Now that you have recovered your Evmos tokens from an unsupported Evmos account they are available on your Osmosis address. To use these tokens on Evmos you can send them to a supported Evmos account and interact with dApps on Evmos.

Now that you have your Evmos token, head over to the I now have Evmos Token. Wat do? section to learn about how to interact with dApps on Evmos and Cosmos πŸ‘


The Cosmonauts at Evmos πŸŒ‹


You should NEVER export your private keys or seed phrases between wallets. If you want to use one wallet over the other, you can transfer your balance. Transaction fees are a small price to pay for security.

You might find other claiming guides or dashboards that have not been provided by the Evmos team. Make sure to only use the official Evmos dashboard at to perform your Rektdrop claim.

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