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How to Use the Evmos Assets Page

Welcome to the Evmos Assets Page! This page allows you to view and manage your balances for whitelisted tokens on Evmos. It also allows you to convert tokens between their ERC-20 Token and IBC Coin forms. A quick-reference guide to the Assets Page is available as a visual infographic or text-only post.

To make full use of the Assets Page of the dashboard, you’ll need to use both MetaMask and Keplr. This is because the MetaMask wallet supports tokens that follow the Ethereum token standard, AKA ERC-20 tokens, whereas the Keplr wallet supports Cosmos’ IBC token standard, which we’ll call IBC coins. Evmos combines the best of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the Cosmos — so in order to take advantage of everything Evmos has to offer, you’ll need to use a wallet that supports EVM transactions (MetaMask), and a wallet that supports Cosmos transactions (Keplr).

Let’s go through a quick explanation of what exactly ERC-20, IBC, and Evmos have to do with each other. If you already know this, you can skip ahead to Using the Assets Page.


Ethereum and EVM chains use the ERC-20 token standard, a set of rules for how a token should be created. These standardized tokens are called ERC-20 tokens, and the fact that they’re all made with the same rules means they can be understood and exchanged by the Ethereum blockchain and all other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chains — such as Polygon and Fantom.

The MetaMask wallet can support any ERC-20 token and interact with EVM smart contracts (such as the dApps on Ethereum or Evmos). The Keplr wallet currently doesn’t support ERC-20 tokens or signing EVM transactions.


The Cosmos ecosystem (chains like Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, and Evmos) also has a set of rules that allow all Cosmos chains to understand and trade coins of a certain type. It does this via a protocol standard that allows Cosmos chains to communicate (or “interoperate”) with one another. This standard is called the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (or IBC for short). The token standard that IBC uses is officially called ICS20, but on the Evmos Assets Page we call them “IBC Coins” to make it easier to remember what that means. Thanks to this interoperability standard, Cosmos chains can send IBC coins to one another without using a bridge, by making an IBC Transfer.

The Keplr wallet can support any IBC coin and lets you perform transactions in the Cosmos ecosystem. Right now, MetaMask doesn’t support IBC coins or other interactions with Cosmos chains. However, you’ll be able to use the Evmos Dashboard to interact with certain whitelisted IBC Coins via MetaMask.


You’ll notice you have both an ERC-20 token balance and an IBC coin balance for every asset listed on the Evmos Assets Page. This is because Evmos’ ERC-20 module allows you to convert tokens between their ERC-20 token and IBC coin representations. Thus, all tokens on Evmos can have an ERC-20 token form and an IBC coin form (as long as they’ve been whitelisted through a governance proposal).

The ERC-20 module unlocks new horizons that were previously impossible. IBC coins from the Cosmos ecosystem can be used with EVM dApps, and ERC-20 tokens from the EVM world can be transferred via IBC to the Cosmos ecosystem. All you have to do is convert them using Evmos’ ERC-20 module. Keep reading to learn how to use the ERC-20 module to convert tokens.

Using the Assets Page

Please note: The Assets Page only displays your balances for assets that have been whitelisted by Evmos governance for ERC-20 module conversion. Some tokens you hold may not be listed here.

Viewing Balances

Each asset displayed has two token types: ERC-20 tokens and IBC coins. Your balance is shown separately for each asset. Remember that you will only see balances for the wallet address you are currently connected with. You may also see assets with multiple denominations of the same token. See the article on Token Denominations for more information.

Actions: Deposit, Withdraw, and Convert

To access the Actions, you will need to use both MetaMask and Keplr. If you’re still unsure about why and when these two wallets are needed, please read the guide before proceeding.

Deposit and Withdraw

Use Deposit and Withdraw from the Assets Page to send IBC Coins between Evmos and another Cosmos chain via IBC Transfer.

DEPOSIT (Keplr → MetaMask)

The Deposit function brings an IBC Coin that you are holding in your Keplr wallet on another Cosmos chain (e.g., OSMO on Osmosis) to the Evmos chain. Deposit only works with the token’s native chain. Gravity Bridge tokens like USDC.grv, Gravity Bridge USDC, are considered native to Gravity Bridge.

To use Deposit, first connect to the Evmos Dashboard with Keplr. Click the “Deposit” button next to the asset you want to transfer to Evmos, and use “Get Address” to fill in your MetaMask address. After depositing, disconnect Keplr and reconnect with MetaMask to see your deposited tokens under IBC Balance.

Note: While you can deposit to Keplr, to use the tokens on Evmos’ EVM dApps, you still need to convert them to ERC-20 tokens. The Convert feature only works with MetaMask, so you would need to withdraw from Keplr and then deposit again to MetaMask.

WITHDRAW (Keplr or MetaMask → Keplr)

The Withdraw function sends an IBC Coin from Evmos back to its native Cosmos chain.

To use Withdraw, connect to the Evmos Dashboard with the wallet holding the tokens you want to withdraw. Go to the Assets Page and click “Withdraw” next to the asset you want to transfer from Evmos to its original chain. Confirm your recipient Keplr address. After withdrawing, switch networks in Keplr to see your updated balance.

Note: Deposit and Withdraw for the native EVMOS token will take you to the IBC Transfer page to interact with Osmosis. Support for more chains like Cosmos Hub is coming soon.


The Convert function converts an ERC-20 token to its IBC Coin form and vice versa. This feature can only be used with MetaMask.

CONVERT ERC-20 converts an ERC-20 token to an IBC coin.

CONVERT IBC converts an IBC coin to an ERC-20 token.

After using the Convert feature, your converted tokens will be in the same MetaMask wallet, and your ERC-20 and IBC balances for that token will be updated on the Assets Page. To transfer IBC coins to and from your MetaMask wallet, use the Deposit and Withdraw functions.

You can view your balances for converted ERC-20 tokens in MetaMask by adding the token contract address, found on the Evmos EVM Explorer. They are also listed at the end of this guide.

Be aware that higher gas fees are needed for converting tokens than for other transactions on Evmos; the dashboard reserves 0.3 EVMOS for fees.

Note: Convert for the native EVMOS token will take you to Diffusion. EVMOS is an IBC Coin and wEVMOS is an ERC-20 token.


Now that you know what Deposit, Withdraw, and Convert do, let’s look at the path your tokens take through MetaMask and Keplr.

From IBC Coin on a Cosmos Chain to ERC-20 Token on Evmos

If you wanted to turn your GRAV, the native token of Gravity Bridge, into ERC-20 tokens to use on an Evmos exchange, how would you do it?

Your GRAV starts out as IBC Coins on its native Cosmos chain, Gravity Bridge. (If you swapped for them on Osmosis, you’ll need to send them to Gravity Bridge before depositing to Evmos — see the Token Denominations article for why.) Connect your Keplr wallet to the Evmos dashboard and Deposit GRAV to your MetaMask Evmos address. Then, disconnect Keplr from the dashboard and reconnect with MetaMask to use the Convert function. After converting, you will receive ERC-20 GRAV tokens in MetaMask.

From ERC-20 Token on Evmos back to IBC Coin on a Cosmos Chain

Say you’ve decided you want to send your converted GRAV back to Gravity Bridge, or maybe you exchanged for them on Diffusion. First, you’ll need to convert your ERC-20 GRAV to IBC coins. Connect to the Evmos dashboard using MetaMask and use Convert ERC-20 to receive GRAV in its IBC Coin form. Then use Withdraw to transfer them from Evmos to Gravity Bridge.

What if I want to transfer tokens to Ethereum or another EVM chain?

You can transfer ERC-20 tokens between Evmos and Ethereum/EVM chains using a bridge. For transfers between Evmos and Ethereum, use the Nomad bridge. The Assets Page only handles conversions and IBC Transfers, so you can’t use it to bridge ERC-20 tokens. Learn more about bridging versus IBC transfer here.

How do I transfer tokens between MetaMask and Keplr?

Native EVMOS tokens: This is just a simple transfer, but if you’re sending from MetaMask to Keplr, you’ll have to convert the Keplr address to a format MetaMask can read. See this guide for details.

IBC Coins other than the native EVMOS token: While it’s possible to send IBC Coins to MetaMask directly from Keplr, you will only be able to interact with them if they are supported on the Assets Page (and not all IBC Coins are!). To be safe, you should use the Deposit and Withdraw functions on the Assets Page to transfer IBC Coins to and from MetaMask.

ERC-20 tokens: You should never send ERC-20 tokens to Keplr, because Keplr can’t interact with them. If you’ve already done this, see the next section on how to contact moderators for help.

Still need help?

No worries, this is complicated stuff. If you’re stuck or have questions, contact the community moderators on Telegram and Discord. You can also open a #support-ticket in Discord. Remember, real moderators will never DM you first. Always check the Telegram username or 4-digit Discord tag to verify who you’re talking to.


Using MetaMask and Keplr with Evmos

Understanding Token Denominations: Bridging and IBC Transfers

Interacting with Evmos: MetaMask and Keplr (Guide by Diffusion Finance)

Introducing Evmos’ ERC-20 Module

ERC-20 Module documentation for devs

Token Contract Addresses for converted ERC-20 Tokens

You can add these token contract addresses to MetaMask to view your balances for the converted ERC-20 forms of these tokens in the MetaMask extension, in addition to on the Assets Page. Token contract addresses for ERC-20 tokens on Evmos can be found on the Evmos EVM block explorer website. Check there if the token you’re looking for isn’t listed here.

wEVMOS (wrapped EVMOS):

gWETH (Gravity Bridge wrapped ETH):

gDAI (Gravity Bridge DAI) :

gWBTC (Gravity Bridge Wrapped BTC):

GRAV (Graviton channel-8):

gUSDT (Gravity Bridge USDT):

USDC.grv (Gravity Bridge USDC):


OSMO (Osmosis):



Evmos is an application-agnostic chain that is interoperable with the Ethereum Mainnet, EVM-compatible environments, and other BFT chains via IBC — making it easy for users and developers to move value between chains.

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