Introducing Cevmos — An Open, Scalable and Modular Stack For EVM-based Applications

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3 min readDec 16, 2021


Celestia is working with Evmos to build an optimal settlement layer for EVM rollups. EVM rollups allow users to execute transactions off-chain for cheaper transaction fees while broadcasting the transaction data to an on-chain consensus and data availability layer for security. Rollups offer developers and end-users scalability as transactions are executed off the Layer 1 chain (L1), alleviating congestion.

Cevmos (short for Celestia/EVMos/CosmOS) is an open, modular stack for EVM-based applications utilizing Celestia rollups. The Cevmos stack will center around an optimized settlement chain for rollups that is based on Evmos. This settlement chain (to be named) will be implemented as a Celestia rollup by using Optimint (short for Optimistic Tendermint) instead of the Tendermint Core consensus engine that is used on existing Cosmos chains.

Evmos will be the execution/settlement layer of the Cevmos stack

The settlement chain leverages Celestia as the data availability layer and Evmos functionality (smart contracts, interoperability, composability, and shared security) to provide a fully EVM-equivalent stack for interoperable smart contracts on Cosmos and the EVM ecosystem. Unlike mainnet Ethereum, the chain will be optimized solely for rollups. As a result, rollups won’t have to compete for gas with non-rollup transactions, resulting in lower fees and better scale. The new chain that is built with Cevmos will be connected via IBC to the Evmos Hub, thus utilizing the $EVMOS token for security and gas.

Read Mustafa Al-Bassam’s full architecture post which covers how Cevmos will work in greater detail.

About Celestia

Celestia is the first modular consensus and data availability network, to enable anyone to quickly deploy decentralized blockchains without the overhead of bootstrapping a new consensus network.

“We’re thrilled to be supporting Evmos to build one of the first yet most important use cases of Celestia, a specialized settlement layer for EVM rollups.”

Mustafa Al-Bassam, Co-Founder of Celestia

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About Evmos

Evmos is an application-agnostic chain that will be interoperable with Ethereum mainnet, EVM-compatible environments, and other BFT chains via IBC, making it easy for users and developers to interact seamlessly between chains. Evmos aims to be the EVM Hub of Cosmos, making it easy to deploy smart contracts and communicate within the Cosmos ecosystem.

“The Cevmos stack will allow rollup applications to be seamlessly deployed on the settlement chain, benefiting from the smart contract interoperability and interchain composability that Evmos provides. We’re really excited to work together with the Celestia team in scaling the EVM through an application-specific EVM rollup chain.”

Federico Kunze Küllmer, Co-Founder of Evmos

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