Leap Launches Wallet Support for Evmos

Frank Spence
Evmos Announcements
3 min readNov 28, 2022


Leap’s comprehensive, Cosmos-native wallet has arrived on Evmos! Let’s dive into how this multi-featured wallet makes it easier to do your favorite things from managing your assets to participating in governance, even moving tokens around the Interchain.

First off, Leap’s wallet has a clean, intuitive, and information-rich interface. You don’t just see your portfolio of assets — you can dive into price charts, check the status of governance proposals, and more. Fundamental operations are also easy to use. Sending and receiving tokens just takes a couple clicks, whether that’s within Evmos or over IBC.

The staking experience is also thoughtfully implemented. When you go to stake tokens, you’re presented with a randomized validator list, which is intended to encourage decentralization. Claiming rewards takes just one click, and restaking or unstaking is similarly easy.

We especially appreciate the wallet’s in-app governance features. The Leap team are Cosmos-natives and their appreciation for highly-engaged communities like Evmos’ is evident with a dedicated governance tab in the app that allows you to vote, see the real time status proposals that are live, and even run searches for past proposals (like the 80 that have gone on-chain on Evmos).

Security-minded users will be especially glad to know that Leap’s wallet even supports Ledger. The clean integration lets you directly connect your Ledger or create a new hot wallet that’s connected.

So give it a whirl! Leap is available through a Chrome extension, on iOS, and on Android. Get started here.

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