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Protofire Deploys a Gnosis Safe Fork to Evmos

We are excited to announce that Protofire has deployed a Gnosis Safe fork — a leading smart contract multisignature wallet — to Evmos. The Gnosis Safe fork will enable Evmos users to securely store and transfer EVM-based tokens and ERC-20 Cosmos coins.

Gnosis Safe is a fully customizable smart wallet that enables coordination, granular access control, security and convenience across digital asset ecosystems. The integration brings greater functionality and modularity to users and dApps on Evmos by allowing users to manage funds in a decentralized and transparent fashion.

Users can access the Gnosis Safe fork by visiting safe.evmos.org

Bringing multisig security to Evmos and Cosmos

Multisignature wallets require a predefined number of people to approve and sign a transaction — usually storing a significant amount of funds — before broadcasting it to the blockchain. The process is decentralized, which reduces the risk of unauthorized access or human error.

Cosmos coins, ERC-20 tokens, and NFTs

Using the Gnosis Safe fork, Evmos users can create and manage multisig wallets capable of securely storing and sending both ERC-20 tokens and Cosmos ecosystem coins (which can be used on Evmos via the ERC-20 module). In addition to storing ERC-20 and Cosmos coins, users can also store NFTs (ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens).

In the near future, Evmos users will also be able to control assets across the entire Cosmos ecosystem with interchain accounts once implemented!

Decentralized treasuries

The fork deployment will ensure greater transparency and security across various treasuries on the Evmos blockchain without sacrificing liquidity and convenience.

DAOs will be able to hold a variety of assets, including ERC-20 tokens, CW20 tokens, Cosmos coins, etc., in a single place, as well as gain access to the Evmos ecosystem. Decentralized organization treasuries also allow seamless and transparent payroll management.

Interchain bridges

Bridge deployments will allow users to leverage secure storage for digital funds transferred across EVM bridges on the Evmos network.

Gnosis Safe modules

The deployment of the Gnosis Safe fork will allow users to seamlessly extend and customize smart contracts’ functionality by using Gnosis Safe modules while also enabling new use cases, such as validating transactions without certain approval, daily allowances, etc.

For more information on Gnosis Safe modules, check out the official Gnosis Safe documentation. To get started with modules, visit the GitHub repository.

About Protofire

Protofire has proven expertise in building decentralized infrastructure, protocols, applications, and developer platforms to accelerate growth of their ecosystems. By delivering hands-on coding and contributions, the company specializes in supercharging developer adoption, bootstrapping, and network usage.

About Evmos

Evmos is an application-agnostic chain that will be interoperable with the Ethereum mainnet, EVM-compatible environments, and other BFT chains via IBC, making it easy for users and developers to interact seamlessly between chains. Evmos aims to be the EVM Hub of Cosmos, making it easy for smart contracts to deploy and communicate within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Evmos opens a new frontier for blockchain applications, expanding the functionality of the EVM by enabling cross-chain applications that tap the liquidity and user bases of multiple blockchain ecosystems.

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💻 Developer Documentation: https://docs.evmos.org/

👾 Official Discord: https://discord.gg/trje9XuAmy

🐙 GitHub: https://github.com/tharsis/evmos

🕊 Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvmosOrg

📯 Telegram: @EvmosOrg

📄 Medium: https://evmos.blog/



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