Got $5 Bucks? You can now be an Apple Fan!

Kabir Mohammed
Sep 10, 2019 · 2 min read

Wow, now I understand why Apple made the Apple Card! No matter how good your credit score is, you get a very low credit line, which means effectively you cannot buy any Apple hardware with this card alone!

However, we have great news for people who want to use their Apple Card for buying something from Apple! Today, Tim Cook and the gang unveiled two new Apple services for only $4.99/month! Yes, you can subscribe to at least two Apple services with your titanium card no matter what credit you got! Are you as excited as I am?

Apple Arcade for $4.99/month!

Soon you can buy a $4.99/month subscription from Apple! Yeah! You will be able to play a whole bunch of arcade games without the constant in-app purchase prompts! Even though I am excited about not paying for in-app purchases, I doubt serious iPad gamers will have any interest in Apple Arcade.

Popular games like Roblox and Fortnite thrive using in-app purchases so they won’t be in the Apple Arcade. I am sure there will be some good arcade games from Japanese game developers. I will wait to try it when the arcade has some decent games.

Apple TV Plus for only $4.99/month!

If you hate paying Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, this is for you. I love Netflix and Amazon Prime Video already so Apple is too late to this game for me! However, I will give the free 30-day trial a shot when the service launches in November.

Let’s Do Some Accounting

I already pay Apple for iCloud $9.99/month for 2TB of storage. No complaints there. I also pay for Apple Music at $9.99/month. So if we add up the new services — Apple Arcade and Apple TV Plus — I am looking at $29.96/month. Since Apple also takes 30% of all of the in-app purchases for games my kids play, I think I am already paying Apple too much!

PS: The iPhone Pro is a kick-ass iPhone! I am still an Apple fan! :)


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