Intel vs AMD vs Apple Silicon

My 2 cents on the processor trends

Kabir Mohammed
Nov 14 · 1 min read
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Intel feels like it is pushed to the corner. AMD is not only leading in commodity GPU, it just got a decent tail wind for its CPU line and started to eat away Intel’s lunch.

Apple Silicon just released M1 — the system on a chip architecture isn’t new but it was never at the forefront of the CPU/GPU fight by the heavyweights until now.

People who love DYI upgradability and third-party repair rights are going to hate Apple’s Mx line of chips. Then again, these people were probably never that crazy about Apple in the first place.

So here are my thoughts on these bad boys of processors:


  • Will probably split up into logic and rest of whatever they do to keep itself lean and competitive
  • Allow others to license its core tech like ARM


  • Will sell GPU as General Processor Unit more than Graphics Processor Unit for high computational tasks

Apple Silicon

  • Will influence Samsung, Google, Microsoft and others to go towards system on a chip architecture
  • PC People are still going to hat the lack of repair and upgrade path and flame wars will continue into 22nd century!

Your thoughts?


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