Tech Predictions for 2020–2030

Kabir (ko-bir)
Jan 6, 2020 · 4 min read

I know tech predictions are a dime a dozen. They are more so when they are made without hardcore references or statistics behind them. I am doing this to document my tech predictions and see how they unfold to be realistic or duds in the coming years of this decade. Let me know what you think or even more interestingly what you think would likely to be realized in this fresh new decade of tech to come.

Health Tech Will Be a Superhit!

The current trend of health tech will accelerate upwards in the coming years. We will see devices that track and monitor many common diseases and conditions that become part of our daily lives. Apple Watch will have many more competitors, but Apple has the trust and leadership in this space.

End of Wired Internet at Home

Due to the massive growth of 5G technology in the coming years, I don’t see why consumers will pay for wired Internet connections such as cable or fiber. A 5G router will take the place of an old cable-modem or fiber-to-ethernet switch/router. We can expect to experience speed up to 10 Gbps at home in the coming years.

Self-driving Transportation Services

This is already in the making, but it will mature and spread in this decade. We will see a taxi, bus, and long-haul transport trucks to be running in self-driving mode in the years to come.

Cyberwars will be Rampant

Unfortunately, cyberwars will escalate amongst nations like the US, China, Russia, Isreal, and other lesser-known countries.

Blockchains Will Go Mainstream

First, I am not a Bitcoin fan! I think the way Bitcoins are mined by wasting vast amounts of energy is ridiculous, and the Chinese manipulation of Bitcoin is silly. It should be avoided at all costs. It has nothing to do with the underlying technology — Blockchain.

I am a big fan of blockchain technologies such as EOS, Cardano (ADA), etc. that enable storing of information most securely and irreversibly. I also think that tokenized financial transactions using XRP, Steller, etc. will become common-place around the world. They will represent a safer, faster, and politics-free transfer of value across the globe. I think they will be instrumental in our world-wide commerce in this decade.

I know quantum computing is a threat to encryption technology used by blockchains, but I am sure the encryption folks will use quantum computing to build better encryption that can be used in blockchain.

Cloud Wars Will be Good For Everyone

Amazon AWS had a significant lead in the commodity cloud computing for a long time. But Microsoft will dominate in enterprise and government cloud services business, which will fuel the Microsoft and Amazon cloud wars. I am unsure about what will happen to the Google cloud. But the cloud wars will help reduce cost and bring more services for startups and developers to build the next tech unicorn!

Politics of Tech

Mark Zuckerberg will step down as the CEO of Facebook in the next 2–3 years as I think he won’t be able to handle the scrutiny that Facebook will face from governments all around the world, including the USA.

Google and Amazon will have employee unions. Various government agencies will scrutinize them for consumer rights and taxation issues around the world.

Apple will have a new CEO as Tim Cook will probably retire in the next 2–5 years. Possibly Jeff Williams will become the new CEO.

In Conclusion

Technology always moves forward at light speed. Drastic changes — disruptions — are the usual rule in tech. Undoubtedly, the practical reemergence of A.I. and robotics will take us to new tech heights in this brand new decade. That’s all good as long as the tech creators remember they are creating for the benefit of fellow humans.


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