Why We are Dropping Google Meeting and Going Back to Zoom From Next Week!

Google makes some cool SaaS like Gmail, Google Docs, etc. but Google Meeting sucks. Here is why we are moving “back” to ZOOM from next week!

Kabir (ko-bir)
May 24, 2020 · 3 min read

We are long-term Google fans — Chrome, Gmail, Google documents are fantastic tools for our everyday work and home use. My team of engineers and staff all are required to use official Gmail, Google docs for collaboration daily. We won’t have any other way. We became a virtual company since COVID-19 and routinely spend two to three hours sharing screens in meetings with staff members. Since we had used ZOOM, WebEx in the past with limited success, we decided to give Google Meeting a try — after all, it’s free for our size and need.

We have been using it since COVID-19 shut our offices down for the last two or more months. In this process, we quickly found a few significant issues that now are too unbearable that we are going back to ZOOM.

Since we do a lot of screen sharing, our team members are often on huge monitors with 4K resolutions. It appears that if we don’t transmit in the highest possible resolution (only 720p) in Google Meet, we hardly see our screens — mostly appear blurry.

Google Meeting Settings

What is sad is that we have to set the outbound resolution to 720p for each Meeting. The damn thing does not remember settings!

Staff members continuously complain that if they switch from earbuds to different headsets or mic, Google Meeting gets confused. This is probably because it is a web-based application and does not always see the hardware changes — at least this is our guess, but it is very annoying to folks!

This is a bummer. You have to use QuickTime or another third-party tool like ScreenFlow to record meetings — yet another manual task to do!

Zooming Back…

We tried Zoom about two or more years ago and had some video recording issues. But last week, we have done some good amount of test to see if Zoom free or the small team edition will work for us. We have decided to go with Zoom from next week. There are several advantages of Zoom over Google Meeting:

  • Native client for Mac and PC!
  • Much more control over meetings — multiple simultaneous screen sharing!
  • Much better audio/video control
  • Virtual background — some folks don’t want to share their home to everyone in the Meeting so this is a neat little feature and also a mood enhance

Feedback for Google

The absolute minimum that you can do is allow settings to be saved in the browser’s local storage and remember them!

But if you are serious about competing with ZOOM, WebEx, etc. you need to offer native clients that integrates better with hardware for audio and video purposes.


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