Facing the Future with Today’s Facial Rejuvenation Technology

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Apr 13, 2020 · 3 min read

Who can believe that just about 50 years ago, the most intensive beauty treatment you could give your face was a DIY homemade face mask? We’ve come a long, long way since then.

In today’s age of plastic surgery, the advancements in the anti-aging beauty market are booming, even when it comes to non-surgical options and technologies. There are now a wide range of accessible products available to fight signs of aging that don’t involve any kind of surgical procedure.

As a category, facial rejuvenation is defined as “any cosmetic or medical procedure used to increase or restore the appearance of a younger age to the human face.”

It includes a set of procedures that aim to correct or restore the appearance of symmetry in the face and skin — a common mark of youthfulness — using a combination of any of the following: facelifts, elimination of eye bags, facial sagging and spots, chin lifts, and the restoration of the natural hairline.

Advancements and Types

Lasers, light therapy, and non-laser-based-thermal tightening devices are the frontrunners leading the facial rejuvenation industry.

There are also other minimally invasive skin rejuvenation techniques that involve non-ablative light sources, radiofrequency (RF) systems, superficial chemical peels, microdermabrasion, stem cells, microneedling, and mesotherapy.

Photofacials — a light-based skin treatment that’s used to boost collagen and lighten skin spots using high beam light — requires high-tech equipment and is offered by specialized practitioners. There are quite a few types of photofacials in the market.

As always, it’s important to consult your doctor to understand the differences and which techniques are best for you!

Different Types of Photofacials

The two most popular types are Intense-Pulsed Light (or IPL) and Light-Emitting Diode or (LED).

1. LED Treatments

If you have sensitive skin or want to treat a minor blemish, wrinkle, or scar, LED treatments could be the best option for you. It’s relatively painless, relaxing and creates a cooling sensation. LED photofacials use a narrow spectrum of light to boost collagen, creating a plumper, fuller, and more youthful appearance. This treatment also eliminates acne-causing bacteria.

LED Treatments have a relatively low risk of side effects, aside from general swelling, redness, temporary bruising, blistering and red spots. For any new-to-you treatment, always ask your physician about potential side effects.

2. IPL Treatments

As a more robust and intensive treatment than LED photofacials, IPL treatments are usually administered at clinics and medical spas. They treat various skin afflictions like spots and broken capillaries, but the most common use is to smooth the appearance of fine lines.

In this procedure, the technician uses a blast of light at intense pulse rates, which is why the light’s heat can sometimes be uncomfortable or slightly painful. The pulses absorb deeper into the skin than LED treatments.

As with any type of laser treatment, you’ll be advised not to be in the sun for a couple of weeks afterward. Hint: don’t book this one in the middle of summer, or too close to an upcoming vacation! Ask your physician what they recommend for pre- and post-treatment care.

Interested in exploring one of these facial rejuvenation treatments? Find a specialist near you today!

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