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2 Points From ‘Eat Pray Love’ Which Taught Me Something About Life

I know Eat Pray Love was so long ago, however repeating means discovering more than just watching a movie to, only, feel moved emotionally

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4 min readAug 24, 2022


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I am back to Netflix. And this time, I am choosing my movies carefully. It has to be awesome, beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, and something that has meaning in life.

The 1st I am watching is Eat Pray Love. I know. I know. Eat Pray Love movie has been such a long time ago, isn’t it? I usually do not watch movies often when it is still like hotcakes in the market.

Well, in it 2-scripts strike a chord in my heart through this movie.

The actress…She’s in search for healing and life…Here we go.

“People in Bali understand in order to stay happy, you must always know where you are every moment. Right here is a perfect balance. Right at the meeting of heaven and earth. Not too much of God. Not too much of selfish. Otherwise, life too crazy. You lose balance you lose power…” — Ketut, Eat Pray Love movie.

I resonated with Ketut’s advice very much.

There must not be too much of God. There must not be too much of the World. Simply it means, whatever we do, we must not indulge in anything excessively.

You can be pious and a prayer warrior, but that does not mean you have to be a religious personnel in your career.

When I set my feet into Yemen, many people expect that I come back as a religious teacher, evangelist, or a missionary. Some think that I will marry a pious man or religious scholar.

Occasionally, I thought I would return to my homeland to be a pre-nursery Islamic teacher. Or perhaps, to become someone who gathers others for fellowship over praise and worship sessions with a few books to share.

Somehow, I am back to be a service to others in most places I go to. — Just a service stewardess.

That experiences in Yemen teaches me till today — the more I try to control what I want to achieve while disregarding the Universe (or higher power’s purpose for me), the more I am closing doors of opportunities everywhere.

And, I get far from achieving my dreams or desires. Because my focus back then was the outcome rather than the journey or process.

Now, desires and dreams can be good and bad. But, that is another story to be shared if I make time for it.

Anyway, Ketut teaches me that even in work matters, do not over-indulge.

I know I am a part-time worker, although I work everyday. So long as there is no medical appointment for my dad or other matters to attend to, I am always working.

But, one day, I think again. Yes, I want to make money as I have the time flexibility. I have the chance to take up more than 1-part-time job. However, what do I lose out for working obsessively?

Health, rest, time and so on…

So, do heed Ketut’s advice.

Not everything is for ourselves — desires, dreams, wants and so on. Selfish. Practice some self-love.

See where you can apply this in your life, whether work, family, social life, social-media life, and other matters. Remember, not too much of everything.

In the process of searching for life and healing, the actress found Love larger than just having a life partner.

“…these little group of people in Bali have become my family. And we must take care of our families, wherever we find them.” — Gilbert Groceries, Eat Pray Love movie.

Gone are the days when the hardcore generations emphasize over tribes, races, ethnicity, religions, citizens and so on, causing divisions. Ok. I know, we do have world problems here and there.

But, look at it this way. Despite preserving cultures anyway, generations now are more modernize and less cultivated. We mix around disregard all the above components. I mean…At least, I am blessed to be a Singaporean…

Not everything is always the ‘do and don’t’ or ‘hell and heaven’ sake.

When the actress said, ‘these little group of people in Bali have become my family…’, she reminded me of my French family.

Daily, I walk through the doors of the fine dining restaurant preparing for the opening with the others. I always look up to what was a chapel in 1930s, and I smile.

I am grateful and thankful for the covenant God gifted to me. My French family. They are not Muslims, but they are my family. These French men, Chef Julien M, Kevin, Steven, Jeoffrey, and Chef Louise are my family.

I testify that they protect and love me as part of themselves. These people did not bully me. It is far-fetched different from the television box about France, over the other side of the World.

Working in the fine dining restaurant is teaching me many valuable life lessons. Job is temporary. But, the connections and relationship we build over time while working is what last longer.

Love one another just as thy Lord loves you. Amin.

So, look at your surroundings. Observe. See who are your extended family. Take care of them wherever you find them to the best you can within your capacity that you have.

I will love to return to Bali again for a week to rest, eat, pray…and LOVE.

Bonne Nuit!


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