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5 Chrome Extensions You Must Have

Most of us use Chrome as our default web browser. I even use Chrome for my online classes!

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Now as a student, and also a child of the tech generation, I appreciate it if everything is done quickly and smartly! And for that I use many Chrome extensions out which I am going to list 5 of my favs! Let’s get into it my techno friend!


I found out about LINER through their Youtube ad. It was about sloths and probably the only ad I have watched till the end! I personally find this Chrome extension very cool! I love highlighting texts, whether it is in textbooks or online pdfs. But the concept of LINER really shook me. You can literally highlight anything on the internet whether it is a video on YouTube or really long article on Google!

As a student, I watch a lot of online educational videos and cometimes there are many information parts which I need to mark. What I used to do was write them down in my notebook but with LINER, I can literally ‘highlight’ the section of the video hassle-free! Definetly my favourite out of all of the other five!

#2 Smallpdf

When I have to upload my answer scripts on my school website or any other document, most of the time the size of the pdf is really large. That’s when Smallpdf comes to the rescue. I found out about this extension from my school and I must say it is a real help! It compresses your file and also helps to convert certain file types to pdf! You can also edit your pdf and create your own signature on it! Yes I know, even Adobe Acrobat Reader DC does some of these things, but Smallpdf is much more quicker to use than Adobe. In Smallpdf you can also convert your files for free!

#3 Grammarly

As a writer on Medium, I feel like Grammarly is really helpful. It corrects any spelling mistakes, gives you an overview of how your text is sounding and also suggests a better of framing your sentence! Not only for writers, you can also use Grammarly for your school essays, important mails, portfolio etc! Definitely handy for a person who writes a lot!

#4 Cold Turkey Blocker

Cold Turkey is a very tough internet blocker. It helps in blocking certain applications and web pages that you don’t like or may be harmful to your social health! They won't collect any of your data and block nearly everything you don’t like. It is a very strong application and can’t be cheated. Go check it out now!

#5 AdBlock Plus

If we are talking about extensions that block applications then what about the Adblock Plus extension? It helps in blocking ads! And plus, it is not only for Chrome but also Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc!

I hope this article gave you some awesome Chrome extensions to use!




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