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Admire Your Imperfections

Appreciating the things that make you different.

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Tall, short, ugly, pretty, weird, cool, outgoing, boring.

These are some of the words we’ve seen being used to describe people inside and out for years. Sometimes, we even use these words to describe ourselves. Unfortunately, in both cases, the more negative ones are used far too often. While words may not physically wound us, their effects can be just as crucial emotionally.

There will always be something different about you; your body, your voice, your habits. It’s pretty much impossible to be “normal.” Everyone has their own idea of what normal is, whether it’s what they see through media or what they grew up around. For as long as any of us can remember, there have been seemingly unattainable looks promoted in movies, TV, billboards, magazines and more. Many people, myself included, end up comparing themselves to these archetypes.

It’s likely that no one will fully reach that pinnacle. The world is constantly evolving and what was cool today may be old news tomorrow. Societal standards can make you feel like an outsider for having flaws. Even the most insignificant imperfections can breed insecurities because they don’t fit the norm. But I think we all know the world would be quite boring if everyone was the same. So the question remains, are these “flaws” actually flaws, and why not accept our differences?

Something I’ve always admired about my body is its stretch marks. There are some on my shoulders and upper arms, but the ones I’ve noticed the most are on my stomach. Would it be nice to look flawless and have a picture-perfect body? Of course. But after a successful weight loss journey, these marks are like scars, reminders. In a way, I’ll always have something to look back on when I’m in doubt of my capability to achieve things. This supposed flaw, while not an uncommon circumstance, will always be specific to me and my life.

Perhaps that’s what flaws are, reminders that you are the only YOU to exist. Mementoes are linked to our own personal experiences. We’ve all heard the whole “no two snowflakes are alike” thing. A bit cliché, yes, but it’s true. There is a beauty in being one of a kind, and everyone recognizes it in some capacity. Our physical appearances, our personalities, even the clothes we wear are unique to us. We all have our differences, and nobody’s perfect (except maybe my man-crush, Dane DeHaan).

Whether you’re deemed cool or attractive by others isn’t important. What should matter is that you’re happy, comfortable, and being your authentic self.



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