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Fall in Love With Hosting a Dinner Party

100 and Under Fall Competition

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Fall is my favorite time of year. From the cooler weather to the pumpkins, everything seems to feel good during this time of year. Fall allows for a different color combination than the other seasons along with simple decorations to make for a visually appealing room or outdoor area.

Fall also calls for gathering with friends and family, but hosting doesn’t have to be stressful. I’ve always loved hosting parties, but a fall theme party warms my soul. You can make planning and executing a party easy so you can enjoy your guests while still execute an amazing party. Not only are the decorations easy and fun, but there are various meals to choose from.

Cover everything

Don’t underestimate the power of craft paper. Yes, brown butcher paper does the trick during fall. Line your countertops, the island, and even your dinner table.

Fall gatherings typically call for buffet style eating and can be necessary when hosting. Therefore, covering your counters will not only make for an easy clean-up but provides a neutral fall tone. The addition of fall decorations, such as leaves, will add color and fun to your countertops. Counters and/or islands are often a good place for the display of food for the buffet, so make it fun and write or draw on the craft paper to identify each dish.

Speaking of writing on the craft paper, line your dinner table and write each name of your guest at each spot. Makes it easy for the guests to find their spot and it makes your table more appealing (in addition to your centerpiece of course).


Decorating for a party doesn’t have to be expensive. The beauty of fall is the various options for decorating. Pumpkins, leaves, and even some sticks will do the trick. Use leaves as accents, bring out the fall-scented candles as decoration, and utilize small pumpkins to fill in the spaces.

You can utilize outdoor fallen leaves or the beautiful decorations each store has to provide. The beauty of fall is the simplicity it provides. Whether you decide to fill every inch of your space or to add just enough, your guests will feel the fall coziness your party has to offer.


Fall means the fall of temperature in the evening, so you need something nice and warm to serve your guests. If you plan to provide the food rather than potluck style (which is still an option), make it simple and do a soup or chili. Not only can soups be made in large batches but they can be versatile.

Soup and chili have many variations to make them appealing to all. Whether you’re trying to be healthier or go with a more filling option, there are endless ideas to accommodate all your guests. With soups and chilis, there are abundant amounts of toppings that can be added along with sides to make your dish more filling.

If you’re overwhelmed by providing a meal, try doing a graze table. Buy various items that remind you of fall or colors of fall and platter them or decorate like a charcuterie board (scattered around). It will not only look cute on your craft paper tables but will fill your guests since they can graze the entire party.

Want to do dessert, but don’t have the time? This time of year the desserts are endless at the store. Pick a few out and display them nicely on plates, your guests may even think you made them.


When hosting, it’s fun to add a fall signature drink for your guests to enjoy. Whether you want this signature drink to be cocktail-style or non-alcohol, there are many directions to go in when finding the right drink. From apple cider to sangria, you can’t go wrong with appealing to your crowd. Remember, not everything has to be pumpkin spice everything. Get creative and allow for other fall flavors to shine within your drink.

Set up your drink station on your covered counters and name your drink by writing on the craft paper. Then people know what they’re drinking and another opportunity to interact with your guests in a different way.


Fall is the perfect time of year to host a party. There are plenty of simple options for food, drinks, and decorations for you to feel capable of executing the perfect party as well as be present for your guests.

Enjoy every minute fall has to offer, especially when hosting a party.



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