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My 5 Favorite YouTubers

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them too

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This is Medium, where the majority of us are avid readers, and so I’ve seen lots of posts regarding book reviews, favorite books, etc.

But I haven’t seen one talking about favorite creators on YouTube.

Maybe it feels more personal or critical, but that’s not the point of this article.

The point of this article is to spread the word of some great content creators that I enjoy watching for different reasons.

The List

This list isn’t in a particular order. I enjoy each of these creators for differing reasons, and there would be no point to say “This person is Number One”. Also, my opinion on who “the best” would be arbitrary, as I have no way of objectively judging that, and that wouldn’t be fair. With that in mind, here is my list.

Jonna Jinton

I’m writing about Jonna first because her channel is what inspired me to write this article. I was watching this video she made over the summer;

The feelings she evokes in her videos are feelings of wonder and awe; feelings that I think are absolutely critical for this life. Wonder and appreciation are so often forgot about in our culture, but people like her remind me to slow down and appreciate the beauty of life and what it has to offer.

She gives me a glimpse of what it is to be in a whole other reality, surrounded by quiet forests and nature in its pure habitat.

She also has a way of saying the word “mountains” that makes me smile.

Nathaniel Drew

I love this guy’s channel. He is everything I wanted to be when I was younger; attractive and adventurous with the ability to speak multiple languages. Nathaniel’s channel is focused on finding yourself in this world that’s constantly telling you who to be.

A lot of his work has been inspirational for me. His videos on bullet journaling and cultivating good habits really helped me take some control in my life.

His journey of finding himself is similar to my own, I feel. We both started questioning the things that society deemed would make us “happy”, and then started questing and reading self-help books. You can see the evolution of his channel over time, and I wonder how much of an impact his work has had on me, because I feel the same about self-help books as he does now.

That if you get into the need to constantly read self-help books, and watch self-help videos, without actually helping yourself, you are going to live an unfulfilled life.

As Marcus Aurelius says, “Throw away your books- no longer distract yourself. It is not allowed.

Kalle Flodin

Kalle has a smaller channel than the others on this list, but I think his channel is absolute gold. The visual storytelling and the production value are out of this world.

But what I really love about Kalle’s channel is his ability to connect with his audience.

When I am watching Kalle, I am watching someone who, I feel, offers a genuine look at his life. I can relate to Kalle because his story is one like my own- moved to a big city, but realized that life shouldn’t be about the madness that comes with living in a big city.

Remember how I said that Kalle has an amazing ability to connect with his audience? Well this video (linked below) is a reminder that honesty about your life is truly a virtue.

Matt D’Avella

Matt D’Avella is the YouTuber who really gave me a start to thinking about habits, routines, and how I conduct myself on a daily basis.

I think the first video I watched of his was in like, 2018 or so. In fact, I think it was probably this one;

I was looking for minimalism. Or rather, minimalism found me. And it was Matt D’Avella who introduced the concept to me.

I enjoyed the videos for his highly personable self and relation to the audience, but also his high quality of production.

His videos always seemed to find me on a weekly basis. His channel has evolved over time, from minimalism (which really put him on the map), to 30 day habit challenges and personal finance lessons. He really has a wide variety of topics that we can all learn from.

That is why I enjoy his channel. He doesn’t just stick with one niche topic. He explores different aspects of his life and captures his results with honesty.

Green Renaissance

Green Renaissance is an absolute masterpiece of a YouTube channel.

Green Renaissance focuses on beautiful stories of individuals who live off-beat lives. In telling these stories, these people reveal wonderful bits of wisdom in videos of 10 minutes or less.

Their personal story is amazing as well. This is taken right from their bio.

“Who is Green Renaissance? We are Michael and Justine — passionate filmmakers, living off-grid and dedicating our time to making films that we hope will inspire and share positivity out into the world.”

Take a look at a recent video they made. The way the video is shot always makes me want to embrace humanity and rejoice in the everyday things that we almost always overlook.

I hope that anyone who reads this takes a look at any one of these channels, and I hope they can provide you as much value as they have provided me, both in my past and in my present.

Thanks for reading!



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