The Squad Solar Electric City Car: Is it a Golf Cart or a Game Changer?

A Lot to Offer in Such a Small Package!

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A side view of a doorless Squad Solar Electric Vehicle in the color of blue.
Squad Solar Electric Car (media by Squad Mobility)

Electric cars are becoming more affordable and accessible as the technology behind them advances. However, a significant barrier to entry for many potential buyers is the high price tag associated with most electric vehicles. Enter Squad Mobility, a Dutch startup that has just launched its solar electric city car for an astonishingly low price of $6,250. But is this new product just a glorified golf cart, or can it compete with more established electric vehicles?

A Squad Mobility solar electric car parked in front of someone’s house.
Home Parking (media by Squad Mobility)

The Squad solar electric city car is a cute and compact vehicle that looks like a cross between a golf cart and a smart car. It is powered by a swappable 1.6-kWh battery pack, with the option of holding four additional, giving the vehicle a total range of 100km or 62 miles. The batteries can be charged in about four hours using a standard outlet.

A view of the swappable and removable Squad batteries for the solar electric car.
Squad Batteries (media by Squad Mobility)

It also has a solar panel on the roof, providing an additional 14 miles of driving range per day under ideal conditions.

A closer look at the solar panel located on the roof of the Squad solar electric car.
Solar Roof (media by Squad Mobility)

Safety is still the utmost concern with a front and rear crash structure, roll cage, and actual seat belts.

One of the major selling points of the Squad car is its price, which is significantly lower than that of most electric vehicles on the market. However, this low price comes with some trade-offs. The car has a basic design and lacks many standard features of more expensive electric vehicles, such as air conditioning and power windows. Heating is standard, but doors are options.

A view of a driver removing his optional doors on the Squad solar electric car.
Optional Doors (media by Squad Solar)



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