Create What You Love

“Create what you love and love what you create” — Prince Ea.

The words by Prince Ea carry much power with them. The question I now ask you is, do you love what you’re creating right now? And if not how can you change your life to create what you love? Let’s explore these questions.

First off, what are some reasons why we don’t love what we’re creating? This could refer to the life we are creating or our career. There are two main reasons I came to. The first being that we aren’t actually sure what about we love to create. We haven’t figured out our why, our passions and so we’re stuck in our current position in life, not quite sure where exactly we should be going. Because of this we just keep going with the flow, going wherever the wave takes us.

The second reason I considered was that we may know what we love to create but we don’t endeavour to make it a reality. We don’t work towards it, we don’t give our 100% to make it happen. This can be because of a lack of motivation or faith in ourselves. We know what we want to do but we have no confidence in our abilities or no drive to apply them.

The lack of endeavour can also be caused by external influences (friends, family, life situation etc). Those around us may have a picture of what kind of people we are and that expectation gives us extra baggage to carry. And to appease those expectations we shy away from pursuing what we want to build in our lives.

So then how can we actually create what we love? How can we impact the way we live to be in fulfilment and always engaged in our dreams? I reflected on three main paths to achieve it.

1. Take time to reflect

I went from studying for working in the world of finance to now working in the field of digital media. This was not something that came to me overnight. By the time I reached my final year of university in 2015 I was sure that in reality I didn’t want to work in finance as a career. As time went on I got a better understanding of myself and saw that the field just didn’t suit me. As the saying goes, better later than never!

I took time at the beginning of 2017 to reflect on where I wanted to go. I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do but pressing pause on my life and focusing on planning my next step likely saved me many years to come. I didn’t know what I loved to create, but by taking the time to think it over, I started to get an idea. All it took was taking a step back to be conscious of it. I recommend filling out the personality test ’16 personalities’ to get some inspiration for where you can go.

2. Ask for help!

I think this is one of the most important things to do when trying to go through life and understand what the goal of it is. We may do some personal reflection but getting an external perspective is vital in helping us understand ourselves.

For me, this came from my mentor and inspiration Jay Shetty. Upon departing from my previous job in December 2016 I wasn’t working for a little over a month. I took this time to think about my next steps. It was at this point that Jay’s guidance helped me to see that I should pursue a career in digital media.

I create video content for Jay’s social media channels. Naturally, we hold conversations on the content plan and I would get to work on creating it. As I would create I took much more joy from it than anything I was doing before. He picked up on this and suggested looking into digital media as a career. Having a mentor or well wisher give constructive advice is priceless. Had I not had his guidance I’m not sure I would have pursued what I’m now doing.

3. Be proactive in your adventures

But ultimately, we can’t achieve anything unless we do something about it. When it comes to external influences just be sure to stay true to yourself. Many people may have an expectation of you. As long as you’re performing your duty towards those who rely on you then you should focus the rest of your attention on what makes you happy.

Having a lack of faith or drive in ourselves can be equally tricky. I decided to just grit my teeth and do it. If I fail I fail, tomorrow is another day. That may seem overly simple but how we treat life can be that way if we make it so. Wayne Dyer said, “Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice”. I am still in the very early stages of my new journey, but I want to continue to travel on it.

To conclude…..

Creating what we love and loving what we create can be a tough process. If we don’t establish some form of change in our lives then we can’t expect life to gift us boons that we didn’t earn. This is the same as trying to taste the honey from licking the outside of the bottle. We shouldn’t hope for a life filled with comfort, but hope for a life of adventure, and the endurance to go through it.

Whether we have opportunities or not. Whether we know what we love to do or not. Whether we have the talent or not. Whether people support us or not. If we don’t support ourselves, the rest is completely irrelevant. Have faith in yourself, stay focused, and create what you love starting today.